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    • Por BaDshaH
      File Size: 33.11 MB

      Virtual Breadboard (VBB) is an emulator for Breadboard integrated circuits. It's also able to function as a developmental environment for microcontrollers. The application can be used for developing and debugging microcontrollers and emulating circuits, programming control panels for embedded applications, or even creating documentation for circuits.

      It features an intuitive and user friendly interface and provides you with access to a wide collection of circuit template. It's unable to analyze simulate though, so if that's what you're looking for you might want to go with something else instead. VirtualBreadboard is a program for developing Breadboard form factor digital circuits and creating the microcontroller software that starts them. VirtualBreadboard is building an artificial intelligent design assistant for physical computing and internet-of-things applications.

      Virtual Breadboard Features:
      An intuitive interface that could be easily used by anyone that knows what they're doing.
      Allows you to choose from a rich collection of circuit templates or instead opt to create your own.
      Gives you the opportunity to personalize your project with various components (instruments, timers, function generators, motors, LCD/LED displays, and more).
      Displays the error log while the circuit is emulating so that you can see what went wrong in real time.
      Gives you the ability to use the terminal component to send UART commands at TTL levels.
      Perfect for use by teachers, students, and engineers alike

      Develop and debug microcontroller based applications
      Program microcontrollers directly
      Develop Control Panels for Embedded Applications
      Act as a guide for assembling solderless Breadboard circuits
      For documentation of circuits to share

      Note: Requires Java JRE, .NET Framework and Arduino.

      WHATS NEW:

      Merged VBB4Arduino/Arduino Toolkit/AVR into single VBB4Arduino license interchangeable between VBB/VBB4Arduino software
      All licenses of VBB4Arduino/Arduino Toolkit/AVR are now considered as VBB4Arduino license
      VBB/VBB4Arduino codebase merged
      VBB4Arduino extended with Debugging,Communications
      Merged Arduino UNO Sim / Arduino UNO Emulate boards into single Arduino UNO + DUO board
      Deprecated Integrated Sketch editor / Codebender compile - replaced by Arduino IDE monitor
      Deprecated Arduino Import/Export functions - replaced by DUO Java JVM for deployment option
      Deprecated programming Arduino from VBB - replaced by programming with Arduino IDE and DUO programmer future]
      Merged Examples
      Deprecated Installer - Replaced with standalone EXE same as VBB4Arduino
      Refactoring DUO examples to use ArduRPC constructors for best mix of virtualization support and deployability.

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      Por favor ingresa o regístrate para ver este contenido ¡Sólo te toma 30 segundos!

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      Por favor ingresa o regístrate para ver este contenido ¡Sólo te toma 30 segundos!

    • Por TheCornor
      Virtual Acoustic Guerrini Superior 4 KONTAKT WAV | 392.5 MB

      El hotel guerrini Profesional 4 paquete de muestra o poniéndose en Contacto con el hotel guerrini Profesional 4 acordeón muestras en la alta calidad de 24 bits, con el mejor equipo, el Estudio y la capa 3 de la velocidad. Un típico paquete incluye 11 solitario y 1 contrabajo registro

      cada uno de los registros se realizan en 4 variaciones y 3 niveles de dinámica, de suave (lentamente y con cuidado) muy picado (rápido y agudo). El paquete estándar incluye una interfaz gráfica de usuario donde se puede cambiar el caso (de los votos), o usted puede hacer clic en el botón "cambiar" en la primera y cero octava en el teclado MIDI (controlador). Esto le permite tener totalmente funcional realista acordeón para uso en native instruments Kontakt y es perfecto para el Estudio de la producción y las actuaciones en vivo.
      - El hotel guerrini profesional 4, abotonado acordeón, en 1974- $ $ $ - 44.1 KHz / 24-bit
      - 2212 muestras / 486 MB
      - original de todos los 11 de la mano derecha registros / 43 botones de
      de la mano izquierda "Organtone bass" Registrar / 120 botones de
      a la derecha y la mano izquierda en el mismo instrumento (parche)
      - 4 variaciones de la mano derecha (propiedades de azar x4)
      - 2do grado para la mano izquierda (la Propiedad de la x2 de azar)
      - la mano Derecha de la herramienta, 3 niveles dinámicos
      - la mano derecha de voz bucle de longitud ilimitada
      - impulsado por la clave, la liberación y el registro de los ruidos,
      reemplazable construido-en el eco, el Eco y el tiempo de ataque de
      es la vida tocando suavemente, normal o rápido
      - visual de la información básica de voces de uso de la
      está por debajo de la dinámica de monitoreo de control de pedal de expresión,
      - natural "sofocar" toneladas de
      - Vibrato - bolsa de shake (mano izquierda efecto)
      native instruments Kontakt 5.0.2 o superior (versión completa)
      Gratis Kontakt Player no ayuda!!!
      Baja la latencia de las tarjetas de sonido
      - 1 GB de espacio libre en disco duro para el paquete estándar
      Intel Pentium 1.4 GHz o AMD equivalente a
      Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, y de
      y 2 GB de RAM
      G4 1.4 GHz o Intel® procesador intel ® Core™ Duo 1.66 GHz
      OS 10.4.x o por encima de$de$de$2 GB de RAM


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    • Por rollroys
      UJAM Virtual Guitarist IRON v1.0.1 WiN/OSX 180118

      UJAM Virtual Guitarist IRON v1.0.1 WiN/OSX | 1.17 Gb / 2.30 Gb
      Virtual Guitarist IRON is your trusted session guitarist in a box. When it comes to playing authentic riffs and power chords Virtual Guitarist IRON puts you in the producer's seat and follows your instructions. Equipped with 100 styles, over 1100 phrases, multiple amps and effects, VG-IRON makes laying down authentic guitar tracks a breeze. Not playing the guitar has never been so much fun.

      A Virtual Virtuoso
      IRON plays powerful chords and riffs in any genre and comes with more than 1100 characteristic Phrases grouped in 100 Styles.

      Sounds Galore
      Choose from perfectly matched guitar settings and classic amp/speaker combinations. Add effects such as Delay and Reverb. Turn up the Drive to make it roar!

      Full Steam Ahead
      Thrust pushes your sound into unprecedented spaces to make IRON play along with modern genres.

      Platform: WiN32/64 - VST, MacOSX - AU/VST


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    • Por anhxxx
      Virtual Vertex Muster 8 v8.6.14 (x86/x64)

      Virtual Vertex Muster 8 v8.6.14 (x86/x64) | 51.4 / 57.5 Mb

      Muster 8 is Virtual Vertex next generation render farm management system for film production, game development, and visual effect industry.Built on the top of state-of-the-art technologies coming from ten years of developing and stress testing all around the world, Muster 8 maximizes your render farm and let you delegate the resources monitoring to a complete automated environment.

      • Totally multithreaded server engine allows unlimited scalability on multicores systems
      • Tailored for high end installations with autotuning preemptive updating and data exchanging system
      • Cross platform, runs natively on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X
      • Integrated web service based on jQuery let you mange your farms using multi-touch events on your iPad or tablet
      • Integrated management environment with visual realtime feedback
      • Python based application support template system (write your own plug-ins to support additional render engines in pure Python)
      • Python 2/3 , C/C++, Java, .NET, Perl and PHP API to control server and clients from your own code
      • Wake up features through Magic packet, manually, scheduled or automatic, automatic shutdown of hosts based on customizable rules or overall load
      • Screen saver enabler let you start the renders when your screen saver is running
      • Custom actions through external executables or interpreters like Python
      • In process or external SQL complaint database support using sqlite or mysql libraries
      • Integrated users and groups management with permissions. Supports for LDAP and Active Directory authentication servers
      • Cross platform interoperability across Windows, Linux and MAC OS X
      • Enterprise class network logic with fault tollerance in mind, automatic connection recover and chunks reassignment
      • Support for splittable jobs (multiframe), image slicing rendering, single host processing or process broadcasting
      • Runs as console applications, Windows services or UNIX daemons
      • Dynamic connections/disconnections of render slaves
      • Support for multiple packages with built-in fully customizable template engine
      • Integrated image library for image slices automated assembling (single frame jobs)
      • Realtime visual feedback and configuration GUI supporting one-click propagations of configurations (Muster console) and full featured command line tool (Mrtool).
      • Internal historing system for activity processing and report generation
      • Remote hosts realtime log streaming
      • Support for availability time tables to set time rules
      • Support for automatic login detection (when running as service or daemon)
      • Customizable reports in Muster console
      • Integrated connector for Autodesk Maya
      • Automatic network drive detection and mapping on Windows
      • Hierarchical job management using nested folders
      • Import/Export of queue snapshots
      • Pool management to include/exclude jobs in a subset of hosts
      • Integrated mailing list management and realtime notification about events
      • Support for job dependancies, start jobs after the completation of a different one
      • Support for floating point frames as well as negative frames
      • Support for 64 BIT external processes
      • System usage snapshots available in Muster console / Web server
      • Sortable and customizable views with custom workspaces
      • Detailed hosts usage monitor with user configurable alarms on processors usage, available disk space and memory usage

    • Por rollroys
      CPFD Barracuda Virtual Reactor 17.0 180116

      CPFD Barracuda Virtual Reactor 17.0 | 261.7 mb
      CPFD Software LLC, the creators of the Barracuda simulation package for particle-fluid systems, announced the latest release of CPFD breakthrough, Barracuda Virtual Reactor continues to be the only software of its kind, built exclusively for one single application: Gas-Particle fluidized reactors.
      The Barracuda VR software package includes all our models and features, and its unique capabilities have been well validate with both large-scale experimental data and with commercial operating reactors across broad industries.

      What is Barracuda VR ?
      A physics-based engineering software package capable of predicting all fluid, particulate-solid, thermal and chemically reacting behavior inside a fluidized reactor in order to maximize its productivity and reliability.
      About CPFD Software
      CPFD Software LLC is an Albuquerque-based company specializing in solving particle-gas and particle-liquid problems for the power, oil & gas, petrochemical, and chemical industries. Their Barracuda software provides accurate simulations of lab-scale, pilot plant, and full-scale reacting bed flows with full thermodynamics and chemistry. CPFD?s clients include Global 500 oil & gas refiners, chemical manufacturers, and research organizations worldwide. CPFD Software is a member of PSRI.
      Name: CPFD Barracuda Virtual Reactor
      Version: (64bit) 17.0.0
      Interface: english
      OS: Windows 7even / 8
      Size: 261.7 mb

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