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      3DMotive - Advanced C# in Unity 5 Volume 5 2016 TUTORiAL 180119

      3DMotive - Advanced C# in Unity 5 Volume 5 2016 TUTORiAL | 506 MB

      Learn how to create believable game worlds and behaviours by scripting gameplay in C#. In this comprehensive 3DMotive course targeted at intermediate users, instructor Alan Thorn demonstrates advanced C# scripting technqiues and their undelying concepts for solving real-world development problems.
      Understand core mathematical ideas, like Vectors and Quaternions, for making objects move, rotate and change predictably. See how to apply C# for implementing line of sight functionality, artificial intelligence, collision detection and lots more. In addition, see how to work with large amounts of data, how to understand coordinate systems and spatial problems, and how to customize the Unity editor to work the way you need it to. By the end of this course you'll have established a highly valuable foundation for coding confidently with C# to develop sophisticated games that are impressive and marketable

      Chapter 1 - Introduction
      Chapter 2 - Preparing for AI
      Chapter 3 - Proximity Detection
      Chapter 4 - Field of View
      Chapter 5 - Line of Sight
      Chapter 6 - Navmesh Generation
      Chapter 7 - Path-Finding and Steering
      Chapter 8 - Codeless Patrolling
      Chapter 9 - Introducing FSMs
      Chapter 10 - Creating States
      Chapter 11 - State Switching
      Chapter 12 - Completing the AI
      Chapter 13 - Exploring the Patrol State
      Chapter 14 - Chase, Attack and Conclusion

      Year of manufacture: 2016
      Manufacturer: 3DMotive
      Manufacturer Website: 3dmotive.com/series/advanced-c-in-unity-5.html
      Author: Alan Thorn
      Duration: 1:04:26
      Type of distribution: Video lesson
      English language

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      Paulo Mattioli - Anyone Can Play Djembe TUTORiAL 180112

      Paulo Mattioli - Anyone Can Play Djembe TUTORiAL | 527 MB

      Play Djembe Now! Have FUN learning contemporary and traditional Djembe Rhythms World-renowned drummer educator Paulo Mattioli shares his special gift for empowering others on the drumming path. Paulo makes playing Djembe easy for anyone in this comprehensive DVD.
      You will learn: Essential djembe history, tuning and techniques; How to play without hurting your hands; Djembe signals/breaks and communication skills; Djembe rhythms plus - Dunun, Sangban, Kenkeni & Bell Rhythms; Traditional rhythms Kuku, Djaa and Moribayassa; Contemporary world music rhythms from Paulo's CD - FIRE; 26 Rhythm Parts in four polyrhythmic arrangements.

      Special Features:- - Players Eye View Camera, easy to follow just watch and play; Play Along and Learn, Anyone can play quickly and easily; Interactive DVD menu, Lets you learn at your own pace; Learn parts individually, then jam along with the ensemble; Shot in high definition and formatted for widescreen DVD playback; Recorded in a 24-bit digital studio for maximum CD Quality sound; Printable online rhythm notations and historical information

      P2P | Jan 10 2017

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      Groove3 Cubase 9 Know How: New Features TUTORiAL 180110

      Groove3 Cubase 9 Know How: New Features TUTORiAL | 277 MB

      Cubase guru Dave Askew presents an awesome series all about the new features found in Cubase 9. Explore all the new features as well as see them in action!
      Dave starts with the obvious visual changes then goes deep into Zones, Markers, The Sampler Track and Mix Console, and how they're best utilized.

      Dave then continues with videos on the new Frequency EQ, Plug-In Sentinel, Retrologue Audio Sidechaining, Plug-In updates and more!

      See the individual tutorial descriptions below for detailed info. If you're new to Cubase 9, or just want to get the down low on the new features, stop here and take a look!

      P2P | Jan 08 2017

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      Social Media Management Tool: Be Your Social Tutorial
      MP4 | Video: AVC 1280x720 | Audio: AAC 44KHz 2ch | Duration: 1 Hours | Lec: 16 | 175 MB
      Genre: eLearning | Language: English

      Averiguar el control social en las redes sociales, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ y pinterest.

      Nota: este curso es una guía para la aplicación social que te ayudará a gestionar mejor los medios de comunicación social -

      aprender cómo los medios de comunicación social medios de comunicación social de la gestión de su Facebook, Twitter, Google+ y pinterest.
      Social beneficioso y ahorra tiempo para compartir fácilmente el contenido en las redes sociales. Es una herramienta para gestionar las redes sociales para hacer la vida más fácil para los empresarios y dueños de pequeños negocios. No te olvides de tomar una prueba gratuita de 14 días de la versión social antes del inicio del curso.
      Nota: este curso es un tutorial sobre cómo utilizar la aplicación en línea de las redes sociales para ayudar a administrar mejor sus medios de comunicación social. Si usted no necesita el dinero para pasar el curso, es mejor para que usted pueda seguir. No se requiere tarjeta de crédito para utilizar la versión de prueba, y no tiene la obligación de usarlo cuando haya terminado.
      Aquí está lo que usted puede hacer uso de la red social:
      la planificación rápidamente plan de su contribución para una fecha futura y a la vez de
      de la planificación Social o reprogramación también permite enviar a un futuro de fecha/hora en muchas plataformas. "Favorita" de este post, que va a tener más éxito, y publicarlo. Eliminar, editar y mover tu post y el uso de la potente filtro para encontrar en el futuro o en el pasado. post.
      Fácil de usar - después de todas las plataformas de medios sociales <dirección>
      como agregar contenido, simplemente, puede que de sus cuentas de redes sociales que desea ofrecer. seleccione para enviar un mensaje en Facebook, Twitter y pinterest, o añadir su propio contenido por separado.
      Visual Composer - post - / tiempo-plan con bellas imágenes y plantillas de
      en la red social que te permite fácilmente crear y plan de fabulosas imágenes. Añadir enlaces a páginas web y a su favorito de #Hashtags (Contenido visual demostrado Suplemento mejor compromiso, si estamos hablando efectiva de marketing en medios sociales)
      rss Monitoreo de los medios sociales
      aquí, donde usted puede monitorear sus cuentas en redes sociales para todas sus plataformas, comentarios, y le gusta así que usted puede de sus partidarios.
      - Estadísticas de ver cómo tu post, tienes
      , usted será capaz de ver sus estadísticas para todas las plataformas sociales y ordenar o filtrar las cuentas y el rango de fechas. Usted puede ver el contenido que mejor funciona, en el mejor de la fecha, la hora, los hashtags, y más.
      El estudio de los contenidos a encontrar para compartir con un gran contenido para compartir
      en el video de YouTube o de búsqueda de Google, Google news, Facebook, RSS, Tendencia, y luego compartir ese contenido en las redes sociales.
      Soporte en línea - ayuda cuando la necesita
      enviar tickets de soporte para obtener ayuda si necesita ayuda o tiene preguntas.
      Ahorrar tiempo a la hora de usar las redes sociales con esta herramienta de fácil uso.


      Por favor ingresa o regístrate para ver este contenido ¡Sólo te toma 30 segundos!
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      Social Media Management Tool: Be Your Social Tutorial
      MP4 | Video: AVC 1280x720 | Audio: AAC 44KHz 2ch | Duration: 1 Hours | Lec: 16 | 175 MB
      Genre: eLearning | Language: English
      Learn how to use Be Your Social for social media management of your Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest accounts.

      Be Your Social is an affordable and time saving tool for you to more easily share content on social media. It's a social media management tool to make life easier for entrepreneurs and small business owners. Don't forget to download your free 14-Day Trial of Be Your Social before you start the course.

      Please Note: This course is a tutorial about how-to use the Be Your Social online app which will help you better manage your social media. While you don't need the tool to take the course it is best to be using it so you can follow along. There is no credit card needed to use the trial and no obligation to use it when done.

      Here's what you can do with Be Your Social:

      Scheduler - Quickly schedule your post for a future date and time

      Be Your Social lets you schedule or reschedule your post at a future date/time across multiple platforms. "Favorite" those post that have the most success to make it easy to reshare. Delete, Edit or reschedule post and use powerful filters for finding future or past post.

      Easy To Use - Post to all of your social media platforms at once

      As you add content, you can easily select which of your social accounts you want to post to. Post the same message to Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest or add custom content separately.

      Visual Composer - Post / Schedule With Beautiful Images and Templates

      Be Your Social let's you easily create and schedule stunning images. Add quick links like websites and your favorite #Hashtags (Visual content is proven to garnish better engagement when it comes to effective social media marketing)

      Stream - Monitor Your Social Media

      Here's where you can add your social media accounts from all your platforms to monitor your comments and likes so you can engage with your followers.

      Stats - See How Your Post Perform

      View your stats for all your social media platforms and sort or filter by account and specific date range. See which content performs best, best date a times, hashtags and more.

      Content Research - Find Great Content To Share

      Search YouTube for video content to share or search Google News, Facebook, RSS Feeds and Trending and then share that content to your social media platforms.

      Online Support - Help When You Need It

      Submit support help tickets when you need help or have questions.

      Start saving time on your social media management with this easy to use tool.