Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007 Sp3 [Portable] - Español

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Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007 SP3 [Portable] - Español






Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007 SP3 en Español totalmente Portable y funciona perfectamente en cualquier computadora, las carpetas que necesita crear, las crea en la misma carpeta para evitar problemas en ordenadores donde se necesite permisos de administrador.

Los programas portables que contiene en su versión Full "de ahí que pese más 1.04 Gb", son:


La primera vez que se ejecuta uno de los programas, suele tardar un poco en abrir porque tiene que crear las carpetas correspondientes.

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    • Por BaDshaH
      File Size : 4.04 GB
      Activated version with updates for March 24, 2018
      Updated version of 04/13/2018

      This assembly is quite different from its predecessor - the assembly of Windows 7 SP1 IE11 + -8in1-KMS-activation v4 (AIO). In addition, this version integrates the latest OS updates and some additional software at the time of the release of the assembly, as well as a number of critical changes that are useful primarily to the owners of modern computers that do not want to abandon the good old valve seven in favor of the curve and the bug-ten . Owners of a much more modest iron, too, I think, will find in this version of the assembly for themselves a lot of useful. However, below you can see the list of changes and make a conclusion for yourself whether you need it personally!

      This build includes 4 Russian editions and 4 English editions of Windows 7 SP1 for 32-bit (x86) and 64-bit (x64) kernels:

      Windows 7 Professional SP1 x86 Russian
      Windows 7 Professional SP1 x86 English
      Windows 7 Professional SP1 x64 Russian
      Windows 7 Professional SP1 x64 English
      Windows 7 Enterprise SP1 x86 Russian
      Windows 7 Enterprise SP1 x86 English
      Windows 7 Enterprise SP1 x64 Russian
      Windows 7 Enterprise SP1 x64 English
      At the end of the installation, you receive a fully registered and activated version of Windows 7 of your choice.

      Some Assembly Features

      At the heart of the build are the Windows 7 distributions laid out on MSDN on May 12, 2011.
      The original Windows 7 installer has been replaced by a hybrid installer, built from Windows 7 installers and Windows 8.1.
      The assembly includes critical updates available as of March 24, 2018, including Internet Explorer 11. Cumulative update packages for January, February and March 2018 are not included in this list. For the buggy.
      The list of installed updates excludes spyware updates and updates that obtrusively recommend switching to using Windows 10. They are replaced with special stubs preventing their installation (the "Plug-ins for not recommended Windows updates" project).
      Instead of the default built-in, along with the updates of the Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Client Profile, the .NET Framework 4.7.1 (the [Slim] project .NET Framework 4.7.1 Full x86 / x64) is integrated into the assembly.
      Microsoft Visual C ++ 2005, 2008, 2010, 2012, 2013 and 2017 Redistributable Package of the latest versions are integrated into the assembly. To avoid duplicate installation by different applications of earlier versions and to redirect programs that require these library packages to the latest versions, the installation of legacy versions is blocked by stubs (the project [addon] Microsoft Visual C ++ 2005-2008-2010-2012-2013-2017 Redistributable Package Hybrid).
      LocaPack packages for Russian and English are integrated into the assembly, by default not included in VL-edition.
      The package is integrated with DirectX 9.
      The WUFUC version utility is integrated into the assembly, which removes the lock from installing updates through the Windows Update Center on computers with Intel Kaby Lake processors and AMD Ryzen. The shortcuts for managing this utility are available in the "Start" menu.
      In the assembly are integrated tweaks, adding the context menu items "Copy to folder ..." and "Move to folder ...".
      In the system installer, the installed OS and the system recovery service, three special updates are needed to support the installation and further use of the system on the NVMe: KB3087873, KB2990941, KB2550978.
      The system installer, the installed OS and the system recovery service integrated a number of drivers for NVMe-media.
      A number of drivers for USB 3.x of the following manufacturers are integrated into the system installer, installed OS and System Restore Service: AMD, Asmedia, Etron, Fresco Logic, Intel, Renesas, Texas Instruments, VIA.
      The System Diagnostics and Recovery Toolset (MSDaRT) version 7.0 is integrated into the system recovery service, both launched from the installation media and integrated into the system itself, which significantly expands the resuscitation capabilities of the system.
      In the system recovery service, either launched from the installation media or integrated into the system itself, SmartFix module is integrated to automatically solve the most common problems and to treat the OS from malware that antivirus software can not handle.
      At the earliest stage of the installation, there is a pre-boot menu, in which you can select the width of the primary shell, that is, which installer will be used, 32-bit or 64-bit. Thanks to this, you do not have to worry that the 64-bit version of the OS may not be on RAID, and that its users may find themselves without a system recovery service.
      The installer made the necessary changes, so that the installation under EFI / UEFI was possible not only from the blank, but also from the USB flash drive.
      With all the editions, the limitation was removed, because of which it was impossible to enter the license key during the installation stage.
      If during installation of the system you have entered a valid license key in the appropriate field, the system will be activated with this key for absolutely legal reasons. If the field is left blank, then alternative methods of activation will be used.
      If during installation of the system you enter certain dummy keys (see the FAQ), the system will be installed without any activation. It may be necessary if now you do not have a valid license key on hand, but soon you will have it.
      If during installation of the system you do not enter the key at all, the system will be activated automatically with the help of the activator AAct 3.8.5 Portable from Ratiborus with the installation of automatic reactivation every 10 days. In addition, in addition to the "Start" menu, a shortcut to the executable file of the activator will be added under the name "KMS-activation". With this activator, you can activate not only Windows, but also Office 2010/2013/2016 VL.
      If you chose to install Windows 7 Enterprise, then after the installation you will be able to switch the language of the interface from Russian to English and vice versa by standard means Windows 7 Enterprise (Corporate). If you installed Windows 7 Professional, you can use Vistalizator version 2.75 for this purpose, the shortcut of which is available in the "Start" menu.
      Due to technical features, no system from this assembly can be installed by the Update on Windows Vista / 7. However, if you need to install from an already existing system, it remains possible to initiate a so-called Custom installation. When you start the installation from the already running 32-bit OS, everything is simple. But to initiate the installation from under the 64-bit OS, it's necessary to start it not through setup.exe in the root of the media with the distribution, but through setup.exe, which is located in the Sources folder of the distribution. Autorun installation media when running from under the existing OS, will choose the type of launch itself. If the existing system works in EFI / UEFI mode, then it is impossible to run from under it in the Custom installation mode.

      Changes in the version from 04/13/2018:
      As it turned out, in the 32-bit version of both the system itself and the installer, the author mistakenly integrated 64-bit drivers for USB3 from Intel. Now the error has been fixed. Well, WUFUC has been upgraded to version

      Checksum :
      MD5: f5c8208a29448924f96d1f491fad817d
      SHA1: 3d20a86988ee27184699016424265b2cd5329b76

      Download From UploadGig

      Por favor ingresa o regístrate para ver este contenido ¡Sólo te toma 30 segundos!

      Download From Rapidgator

      Por favor ingresa o regístrate para ver este contenido ¡Sólo te toma 30 segundos!

    • Por anhxxx
      Starus Office Recovery 2.5 Multilingual

      Starus Office Recovery 2.5 Multilingual | 7.8 Mb

      Starus Office Recovery will recover deleted documents and files stored on inaccessible, broken or formatted partitions. Support for memory cards and flash drives can quickly recover documents with external and removable media.

      The program supports all popular formats of documents, spreadsheets and presentations created by applications of Microsoft Office and OpenOffice, including DOC / DOCX, XLS / XLSX, RTF, HTML and many others. Also restored files in Adobe PDF.
      Key features:
      - program will recover in a few seconds accidentally deleted documents;
      - Recover data lost after a virus attack;
      - restore document files deleted without Recycle Bin , for example using Shift + Del keys;
      - tool will return your documents from formatted or corrupted partitions;
      - product will approach to any type of media , even in the event of damage , failure or flash memory card ;
      - not only find , but also filter out your documents . Files will be checked for consistency , and you will get the documents suitable for further use;
      - restore the documents under any types of file systems of Windows, including the previous and the latest layout file systems FAT and NTFS;
      - moreover product allows you to restore compressed files , the resulting space savings , in the same file system NTFS;
      - The program recovers and interim (temporary) office document files , which is handy when you need to recover a document that was not saved in the process;
      - in addition to all the program allows you to see deleted files documents without making their recovery , and does not require installation on your own office applications;
      - for secure data recovery supports the creation and further recovery from backup media.

    • Por anhxxx
      Hetman Data Recovery Pack v2.5 Multilingual Portable

      Hetman Data Recovery Pack v2.5 Multilingual Portable | 101 Mb

      The complete data recovery pack from Hetman Software: eight data recovery tools for the price of one!

      Whether you buy a Home, Office or Commercial license, you are eligible to use each tool from the bundle on the same computer or on different computers at home or in the office.

      The complete data recovery pack from Hetman Software: eight data recovery tools for the price of one!
      Hetman Data Recovery Pack contains everything you need to recover all kinds of information from all types of storage media. The pack consists of eight tools you can run on the same or different computers.
      Whether you buy a Home, Office or Commercial license, you are eligible to use each tool from the bundle on the same computer or on different computers at home or in the office. Windows XP / 2003 and 2008 Server / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 and Windows 10 are supported.

    • Por anhxxx
      ReviverSoft Registry Reviver Multilingual Portable

      ReviverSoft Registry Reviver Multilingual Portable | 23.86 MB

      Registry Reviver is an advanced registry cleaner that cleans, repairs and optimizes your PC to minimize seizures and crashes. With Registry Reviver, you will see an immediate increase in PC performance and a decrease in crashes

      Registry Reviver uses the most advanced technologies to diagnose, clean and repair computer errors to restore optimum performance and speed up your slow PC. Registry Reviver is an easy-to-use Registry analysis and repair utility, which scans the Registry in search of any possible problems - ActiveX entries, app paths, file references, keys, shared DLLs and more - and fixes all found errors, in just two clicks. Before applying any changes to the system, Registry Reviver creates a restoration point that lets you go back to a previous state in case something goes wrong.
      The whole system analysis and repairing procedure is surprisingly quick, though as with other similar tools, it's hard to notice if your system really improved after the analysis. In any case Registry Reviver is easy to use, features a nicely designed interface, can be scheduled to run analysis automatically and includes an extra tool to manage start-up programs.
      Registry Reviver Features:
      • Improves your computer's performance. After using Registry Reviver you will notice an immediate improvement in your PC's performance and stability.
      • Stops PC crashes and errors - By running Registry Reviver regularly, your PC will boot up faster, be more stable, and experience less crashes and conflicts.
      • No need to be tech-savvy. It takes a bit of PC knowledge to correctly diagnose Registry errors and edit them using manual tools. Registry Reviver does all of this for you, and more, quickly and easily.
      • One click fix - Take the frustration out of a slow performing PC, and clean up your PC with one simple mouse click!
      • Saves you money. No need for costly service calls or the purchase of a new PC. By using Registry Reviver you can keep your PC running like new.
      • Registry Reviver protects you from mistakes. The automatic restore point setting ensures that if there are any problems with a repair, the changes can be easily reversed to get you back up and running in no time.
      • New intuitive and simple to use interface makes Registry Reviver user friendly and easy to use. Registry Reviver has been developed with the novice user in mind while providing the backend structure and functionality expected by the most advanced user.
      • BONUS: Startup Manager. Allows advance users to quickly and easily manage which applications they want to launch at startup to optimize boot times and overall PC performance.
      • Light footprint ensures your computer's performance won't be affected while you use Registry Reviver. The last thing you want to do when running an application is for it to bog down your system and lose performance. Registry Reviver is all about helping improve your PC's performance and has been developed with this in mind.

    • Por Winter2018
      Microsoft SQL Server 2017 (x64) ISO
      Enterprise: 1.29 Gb | Web: 1.29 Gb | Enterprise Core: 1.29 Gb | Standart: 1.29 Gb | Developer : 1.29 Gb
      SQL Server 2017 represents a huge leap forward for the data platform with faster transactions and queries, advanced analytics, and new hybrid cloud scenarios.

      Your choice of language and platforms
      Build modern applications using the language of your choice, on-premises and in the cloud, now on Windows, Linux and Docker containers.

      Industry-leading performance
      Take advantage of breakthrough scalability, performance, and availability for mission-critical, intelligent applications and data warehouses.

      Least vulnerable database
      Protect data at rest and in motion with the least vulnerable database over the last seven years in the NIST vulnerabilities database.[1]

      Real-time intelligence
      Gain transformative insights for your business with real-time analytics at up to 1M predictions/second.

      End-to-end mobile BI
      Turn raw data into meaningful reports that can be delivered to any device-at one-fourth the cost of other self-service solutions.