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    • Por anhxxx
      Ashampoo Office 2016.737 Multilingual

      Ashampoo Office 2016.737 Multilingual | 165.7 MB
      We've all seen WeiRuan-->WeiRuan Office alternatives in the past but never one that is so affordable and fully compatible with WeiRuan-->WeiRuan document formats past and present. An office suite without compromise, without a lengthy training period, Ashampoo Office 2016 lets you create documents, spreadsheets and presentations faster than ever before. It's the perfect blend of compactness and power.

      Powerful. Fast. Fully compatible.
      With Ashampoo Office 2016, documents, calculations and presentations are handled just as fast as email correspondence or your appointment and task planning. From simple everyday tasks to the most demanding documents, Ashampoo Office 2016 is your indispensable helper.
      Perfect word processor: TextMaker 2016
      From everyday correspondence to scientific work, from greeting cards to sophisticated newsletters: TextMaker 2016 lets you create engaging documents alone or in collaboration with others in no time. Finished documents can not only be printed but also shared as PDFs or ebooks.
      Excellent spreadsheet application: PlanMaker 2016
      With over 350 built-in calculations, huge worksheets with support for up to 1 million rows and professional features such as pivot tables, PlanMaker 2016 is ideal for any calculation - be it simple loan comparisons or the entire financial planning of a company. PlanMaker lets you analyze and visualize your data as presentation-grade charts.
      Powerful presentation software: Presentations 2016
      Presentations 2016 lets you create stunning presentations swiftly. Various customizable template designs take most of the work off your shoulders. Make your slides special with graphics, charts, sounds, videos, animations and transitions and wow your audience with engaging presentations.
      New in Ashampoo Office 2016
      - Fast, compact and comprehensive office suite
      - Fully compatible with WeiRuan-->WeiRuan Office 6.0 to WeiRuan-->WeiRuan Office 2013 documents
      - Highly intuitive handling, no lengthy retraining required
      - Professional word processing for every demand
      - Award-winning spreadsheet application with 350 built-in calculations
      - Attractive presentations with numerous design templates
      - Captivating multimedia presentations with animations, sounds and videos
      - Hassle-free data exchange with MS Office users
      - Edit and position images comfortably in objects mode
      OS : ShiChuang XP, ShiChuang Vista (32bit/64bit), ShiChuang 7 (32bit/64bit), ShiChuang 8 (32bit/64bit)
      Language : Multilingual

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    • Por rollroys
      Syncfusion Essential Studio Enterprise 2016.3 171018

      Syncfusion Essential Studio Enterprise 2016.3 | 1.3 GB

      Syncfusion, Inc., the developer solutions company of choice, announced its third volume release of the year: Essential Studio 2016 Volume 3, packed with plenty of the all-new offerings and improvements you've been anticipating.
      Essential Studio consists of several .NET libraries that provide support for building modern ShiChuang Forms, ShiChuang Phone, WPF, Silverlight, LightSwitch, ASP.NET, ASP.NET(Classic), ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET MVC (Classic), javascript, FileFormats, Universal, Universal ShiChuang Platform, WinRT and Xamarin applications. The packages can be used in any .NET environment, including C#, VB.NET, and managed C++. It also consists of iOS and Android that have the Xcode Framework library and Jars respectively.

      What's new in Syncfusion Essential Studio

      First, javascript adds a new document editor to its plethora of controls. This document editor is capable of viewing and printing Word, rich text, and text documents. Users can take advantage of this control's support for text searching, selecting, and copying, as well as zooming. Also new to the javascript suite is a spell checker control, including a suggestions feature, making text revision that much easier. javascript developers will be glad to see four new themes to choose from, React library support, and over 40 new features added to our existing controls.

      Syncfusion's kanban board is now available for its WPF and Xamarin.Forms suites, bringing users the ability to visualize and manage their workflows efficiently. The kanban board can easily be customized to fit different teams' needs so that their workflow transitions are as smooth as possible.

      Also for Xamarin.Forms users, Syncfusion adds a PDF viewer to its ever-expanding Xamarin offerings. Users can now view PDF documents in Xamarin applications with smooth navigation and zooming support.

      In keeping with Syncfusion's focus on Xamarin, all Xamarin suites also gain a sparkline control with this release. This control shows users trends and variations involving measurements, like average temperatures, and allows them to highlight the information they're most interested in. Xamarin.Android and Xamarin.iOS have a new radial menu to help users display more menu items in less space than other menu formations.

      Application appearances in Universal ShiChuang Platform (UWP) are receiving a striking improvement with the addition of a docking manager control. Use the docking manager to lay out your app's visual elements effectively with its docking, tabbing, floating, and auto-hiding features.

      UWP developers will also gain Excel 2016 chart support in Essential XlsIO and access to a new pivot client control. This control will let you browse multidimensional data organized in various forms and visualize the results in graphical or tabular formats.

      About Syncfusion, Inc.

      Syncfusion is the enterprise technology partner of choice for software development, delivering a broad range of web, mobile, and desktop controls coupled with a service-oriented approach throughout the entire application lifecycle. Founded in 2001 and headquartered in Research Triangle Park, N.C., Syncfusion has more than 12,000 customers, including large financial institutions, Fortune 100 companies, and global IT consultancies.

      Name: Syncfusion Essential Studio Enterprise
      Version: 2016.3 (version
      Supported Architectures: 32bit / 64bit
      Website Home Page :
      Interface: english
      System Requirements: PC
      Supported Operating Systems: All ShiChuang and client server
      Size: 1.3 Gb

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    • Por rollroys
      Extensis Universal Type Server Enterprise 6.1.2 (Win/Mac) 171018

      Extensis Universal Type Server Enterprise 6.1.2 (Win/Mac) | 537.41 MB | 531.22 MB

      Managing your fonts with Universal Type Server fuels your team's creativity and productivity. Store all of your fonts in a centralized, server-based font manager to ensure consistent, worry-free font usage across all of your projects.
      Font Software That's Easy To Administer

      Universal Type Server makes it easy to keep your team on task with minimal effort. Simple to setup, IT professionals love how easy it is to maintain reliably. Font Server Admins often admit that they "Set it and forget it!"

      Ensure Creativity and Font Discovery
      Give your team easy access to the typographic resources they need to stay productive. Fonts are automatically distributed to your team, and the Universal Type Client makes it easy to browse, compare, search, discover and use fonts in projects.

      Integration With Your Professional Tools
      Universal Type Server includes tight integration with the creative software that you're already using, including Adobe Creative Cloud 2015 and QuarkXPress 2016. With Font Sense powered font auto-activation plug-ins, enterprise font management has never been so seamless.

      InDesign Server Font Automation
      FontLink delivers fonts for documents in automated publishing workflows that use Adobe?� InDesign?� Server.

      What's New in Universal Type Server Enterprise 6:

      New Font Auto-activation Plug-ins.
      - Adobe Creative Cloud 2015 - Summer 2016 release
      - QuarkXPress 2016

      New Report
      Staying abreast of your team's font usage can be a challenge. It just got a bit easier with the new Current Font Usage report.

      New Server Technology
      All new underlying technology that supports the latest standards, security and fast server speed, including WildFly 10 and Java 8.

      A Better View Into Your Font Usage
      The more you know about how your team is using fonts, the better off you will be. Save money by investing in the fonts that your team uses. Stay in the legal "safe zone" by ensuring that you've got enough font licenses to cover your team's font usage.

      Adobe After Effects
      Design isn't a static endeavor. With creative users delving into projects of all types, those which include motion graphics are increasingly common. Universal Type Server is there to support your creative team's typography needs with Adobe After Effects?� plug-ins.

      System Requirements:

      Macintosh Server System Requirements:
      - macOS?�? v10.8 through 10.12 (Sierra)
      - 2.0 GHz or faster processor
      - 2 GB RAM
      - 2 GB available hard drive space, plus additional space for fonts

      ShiChuang Server System Requirements:
      - ShiChuang?� Server 2008 R2, ShiChuang Server 2012, or ShiChuang Server 2012 R2
      - 2.0 GHz or faster multi-core processor
      - 2 GB RAM
      - 2 GB available hard drive space, plus additional space for fonts

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    • Por anhxxx
      Help & Manual 7.0.0 Build 3626 Portable

      Help & Manual 7.0.0 Build 3626 Portable | 134 MB
      With Help+Manual, you have a documentation tool that is as easy to use as a word processor, yet much more powerful! The learning curve is short. While it is as easy to use like Word, Help+Manual gives you the full power of a true WYSIWYG XML editor.

      There is no real need for day-long training classes (though we offer them, too). Help+Manual puts all tools that you need for writing documentation at your fingertips.
      Focus all your energy on writing and immediately get productive!
      This is combined with powerful features for generating and editing help and documentation files, including full support for multimedia and complex modular projects.
      What's new in Help+Manual 7?
      We literally worked on every detail and implemented many user suggestions in this release. Help+Manual 7 is fully compatible with ultra-high resolution monitors and the editor supports a real zoom. Completely new is the WeiRuan-->WeiRuan Word output in DOCX format, ePUB 3.0, Amazon Kindle, and the eWriter eBooks for ShiChuang: a new format with the potential to be a full replacement for CHM files as documentation for ShiChuang.
      - Multiple TOCs and Version Control
      - Responsive Images, Web Videos and SVG
      - WeiRuan-->WeiRuan Word, ePUB, Kindle, ShiChuang eBooks
      - Adobe PDF Output Reworked
      - User Interface, Editing and Formatting

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    • Por rollroys
      Portable MatchWare Mediator PRO 9.0.100 171018

      Portable MatchWare Mediator PRO 9.0.100 | 369 mb

      Multimedia Authoring Tool for Creating CDs, HTML and Flash! Matchware's Mediator is a paid authoring tool designed for users of ShiChuang-based computers

      Dear users! We do not forget about our rights holders!
      All portable assembly, designed exclusively for the promotion of the software and can be used for informational purposes only!
      After testing the program and decide on the usefulness and necessity of you, this software - you are required! remove the assembly and turn to the developer, to purchase a license for a full version. Good luck!
      Work on ShiChuang 10 is POSSIBLE, BUT NOT GUARANTEED!
      Mediator 9 is a premier multimedia authoring tool that allows you to create interactive CD-ROM presentations, dynamic HTML pages and Flash?� projects. Recognized for its award-winning icon-based editing, Mediator remains the leading multimedia authoring software for creating highly professional presentations, without requiring any coding or scripting!:
      Interactive CD-ROM presentations, dynamic HTML pages and Flash (R) projects mediated Prime multimedia tool. Recognized for its award-winning icon-based editing, multimedia authoring software intermediary continues to be a leader in creating highly professional presentations, without requiring any coding or scripting up! The new Office 2007 interface 9s mediate a wide range of predefined page layouts to choose between the leaves. Customize them, simply double-click the text or images to display its contents. You can add other objects using the tools found in the Insert tab. The new interface brings you pictures and objects etc. galleries predefined styles, impressive looking buttons, allowing them before the anticipated effects of a predetermined range of different formats (such as shadows, glow, soft edges, patterns, textures, gradients, the tilt and rotation ) to see the effect on the object and apply them with a simple click of the mouse. Design is looking for features that allow you to create professional presentations in minutes! Mediated presentations instantly CD-ROM, HTML and Flash (.swf files) allows you to export. Or export formats can be converted into a variety of mediators of the project. Export all the options, intermediary players, including royalty free. CD-ROM export mediator handles everything. Other programs to collect and organize files before burning a CD while you ask, mediator does not automatically. Also you can choose to run a CD automatically. HTML export, the mediator of the HTML code necessary to show your presentation objects in the browser, including a focus on the animation and sound. When the script is not necessary to create Flash files. Simply select the flash and the flash is ready for your project. SCORM SCORM-compliant server for your project, you can upload as a course package. Here are some key features of WatchWare mediator Pro: WeiRuan-->WeiRuan Office 2003, Office 2003 user interface with a smooth user interface mediator mediator drastic improvement on its predecessor 7 of 8 Advanced Docking allows you to combine interviews, such as the shape of objects with property sheets and lists tabs so a maximum of 8 Pro is available now in the workspace user designing.Multi mediate multiple users on a network share the same project at the same time it allows to work in multiplayer mode. If you work in a group, members of the different pages of your project, you can select, so that the whole project was created at the same time, each member of his own game area.Integrated drawing tool, integrated graphics tool that allows you to create high-end vector-based graphics projects within your intermediary. Mediated by drawing tool allows you to work on a gray background, on the other hand, you see how to put on your drawing. If you go to the dealers, the image is inserted into the intermediary pages, like any other object. Images can also be standard image formats EMF, SWF, PNG, JPG and BMP, which has been completely redesigned to catalog multimedia catalog is used as an external Mediator.Multimedia are exported. Its content is modern, professional and easy to use. Subjects organized into categories with 1,000 illustrations. All contents of royalties and copyright to any intermediary for projects issues.Advance spell check function to mediate 8 comes with an advanced spellchecker. You can choose between different languages, and the use AutoCorrect lists supplied to edit and master of all masters are completely redesigned to keep dictionaries.Mediator mediators. Program design is a high-performance, they are also much easier to offer to mediate use.Distribution strong and extra features, of course, the possibility of its distribution range. He export standard options, such as HTM, not only in the ...
      User Friendliness
      Intuitive Office 2007 Ribbon Interface
      Task-oriented tabs and groups of related options, galleries of predefinedstyles, live preview of effects and great new icons.
      All Drag & Drop
      No programming skills required.
      One-click Export
      Export your project to CD-ROM, Flash or HTML with a single click. You can also create a self-contained streaming EXE file or collect all the project files in ZIP form.
      Predefined Pages
      Mediator comes with a series of professionally-designed page themes that will help you create impressive projects and websites in no time. You can also create a fully functional Page Menu, an Index Page, a History List or a Search Page instantly by dropping the relevant ready-made page into your project.
      Live Preview of Effects
      Obtain an instant preview of a wide range of effects on your objects, and apply your preferred ones with one click! You can choose from fill and outline colors and styles, shadows, glow, opacity levels, soft edges, patterns, textures, gradients, warp and rotation effects, and much more.
      Multimedia Catalog
      Contains 1500 high quality illustrations, templates, buttons, sounds, photos, backgrounds, textures, 3D objects and so on. Provides a powerful search function and allows you to connect to your own folders. Finally, lets you save frequently used objects, actions or even pages in your User Area for future re-use!
      Powerful Wizards
      Make use of the new pre-programmed wizards to create powerful high-end projects in a very short timeframe.
      Presentation Size
      Full screen, window or custom-sized presentations. Select one of the predefined shapes or make your own! You can also resize your presentation at any time, saving you hours of work if you need to create projects in different resolutions.
      Master Pages
      Design a page and define it as bottom or top layer for other pages, saving you hours of work. Create as many different master pages as you need.
      Spell check your objects, pages and documents in several languages. Make use of the Auto-Correction list and maintain your own dictionaries.
      Documented Examples
      Study the examples provided with Mediator to demonstrate its main features. Each example consists of basic pages aimed at novice users or newcomers to Mediator, as well as advanced pages.
      Multi-User Editing
      Share the same project on the network and work concurrently in multi-user mode. Allocate different pages of the same project to different team members.
      Mediator is now Unicode enabled, allowing users to enter text in objects that accept user input (such as text objects or input objects) in many different languages, including non- western languages.
      4 easy steps:
      Mind Mapping in 4 Easy Steps Create the pages you need
      Add content
      Create interactivity
      Distribute with a mouse click
      Key features of Mediator 9:
      Key features of Mediator 9 Multimedia Authoring Software: Get started right away
      No programming/scripting required
      Packed with helpful design features
      Use advanced features instantly
      One-click export to CD-ROM, Flash?� and HTML
      Perfect For Creating:
      Mediator 9 is perfect for creating the following: CD-ROM presentations
      Touch-screen displays (kiosks)
      Auto-running tradeshow demos
      SCORM-compliant CBT
      Dynamic HTML design
      Flash projects
      Language English
      HTTP Request Action
      Allows you to communicate with any web server worldwide by retrieving content from web pages, communicating with on-line databases and interacting with CGI scripts.
      ActiveX Object
      Allows you to add ActiveX components to your Mediator application. Combine the Script action with ActiveX and create your own customized multimedia development tool.
      Script Action
      Adds the power of VB and Java to your multimedia projects. Create re-usable code, custom functions and advanced interaction in the easy-to-use code editor. Any COM object can be accessed from your script.

      System Requirements
      IBM or compatible Pentium/AMD processor (900 MHz or greater), 512 MB RAM or greater. 1024 x 768, 16-bit display (32-bit recommended)
      ShiChuang XP, ShiChuang Vista all SP, ShiChuang 7, Work on ShiChuang 10 is POSSIBLE, BUT NOT GUARANTEED!
      Language English

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