[Teu]Office 2016/pro Plus/project/visio Rt (X86/x64) Español

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hace 14 horas, teofilo dijo:

clave sifrado amigo


Por que te muestro esta captura ??? Es simple, camarada, es que no posee clave de cifrado de mega. Pero si contraseña y es: Arcueid_Shiki . Avísame como te fué. Saludos. okok


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    • Por anhxxx
      Vectric Aspire 8.517 (3438.3170.418) Full (MULTi / ENG)

      Vectric Aspire 8.517 (3438.3170.418) Full (MULTi / ENG)|273 Mb
      Aspire - a program for modeling 3D relief, engraving projects such as carving decorative panels and doors, carpentry, architectural modings, company logos to order, jewelry, custom-made gifts, awards and machining on CNC machines, and many other applications .

      · Unique 3D tools from Aspire make it easy to work with existing 3D models and create your own 3D shapes.
      · Aspire is based on the world-class VCarve Pro engine and uses the same logical and easy-to-use interface.
      · With Aspire you can quickly and easily convert 2D sketches, photos, drawings and graphics into unique high-quality threads in 3D.
      · A large collection of 2D and 3D images of files (more than 1300) including panels, textures and 150+ 3D models from 3D vector art, worth over $ 5000
      · Export of 2D and 3D files: DWG, EPS, AI, SVG, STL, TIF, etc.
      · Trajectories Templates for automatic application of widely used strategies and parameters of new designs
      · High quality multi-color preview trajectory for verifying details and customer approval

      • Design of 3D components from 2D vectors
      • Square texture - Tilable textures from 3D models
      • 3D models of textures from image files
      • Import of 3D-files - STL file, in DXF, obj, and UPC v3m successfully, CRV3D, 3DCLIP
      • Interactive editing in 3D - sculpture, feathering and smoothing
      • 3D rough and clean trajectories
      • Installation dvd, which includes more than 35 hours of quality video tutorials and 390+ link to the page instruction
      • 2D drawing, design and layout of tools in VCarve Pro - manage layers, guides, bindings, rulers, and so on.
      • Text editing, fonts
      • Import of 2D vectors: DWG, DXF, EPS, AI, PDF, SKP, SVG etc, etc.
      • Import of 2D images: BMP, JPG, TIF, GIF, PNG, etc.
      • Interactive vector calibration, positioning, node editing
      • Wrapped rotary axes machining
      • Casting trajectory - create a permanent cross-sectional profile, arches, frames, etc.
      • VCarving and 3D engraving trajectory
      • In 2D profiling with an interactive tab, clamps, plows and other options
      • Raised 3D Prism processing
      • Auto-incrustation with multiple incrustation options
      • Fluting Toolpaths with ramp in / out options
      • Clogging trajectory with an effective multi-tool function
      • Beveled letters
      • User definable, shaped Form Cutters
      • Project trajectories on 3D shapes and curvilinear surfaces
      • Partitioning on a trajectory to reduce large work in sections to smaller machines

      Who uses Aspire?
      • Wood carvers
      • Manufacturers of furniture
      • Manufacturers of logos
      • Coffee makers
      • Manufacturers of hard surfaces
      • Model creators
      • engravers
      • jewelers
      • Manufacturers of architectural models
      • schools, colleges and universities
      • 3D Sculptors and artists
      • theater and cinema Prop producers
      • manufacture of face vacuum molds
      • and others...
      Title: Vectric Aspire 8.517 (3438.3170.418) Full (MULTi / ENG)
      OS: Windows 7/8 / 8.1 / 10 (32/64-bit)
      Language: Multi / English
      Treatment: Included
      Size: 273 Mb

    • Por anhxxx
      BootPass v.4.2.5 Full Native Update Jul 19, 2017 (2017) RUS

      BootPass v.4.2.5 Full Native Update Jul 19, 2017 (2017) RUS|383.39 MB
      Meet the updated BootPass - the boot disk (Windows 7PE x86), now with Native boot support. The disk contains full-featured programs for resetting and editing Windows passwords. Programs for removing banners-extortionists. Read more about the features and composition of the disc below.

      List of programs:
      Boot menu:
      • Kon-Boot
      • Active @ Password Changer
      • Windows Password Killer
      • Password Reset
      • CIA Commander
      • Paragon Password Cleaner
      • Windows Key Enterprise
      • Volkov NTFSdos

      • Reset Windows Password
      • Elcomsoft System Recovery
      • Proactive Password Auditor
      • SAMInside
      • Windows key Enterprise
      • Active @ Password Changer
      • Password ReNew
      • NTPWEdit
      • Locksmith
      • Recover My Pass
      • Admin Pass Resetter
      • Unpassword logon
      • DreamPack
      • Windows Gate
      • Backup Key Recovery
      • EFS Data Recovery
      • Total Commander 9.0a
      • AOMEI Partition Assistant Tech
      • Symantec Ghost
      • Ghost Explorer
      • BootIce
      • WinNTSetup3
      • AntiWinLocker
      • AntiSMS
      • uVS
      • CMOS De Animator
      • CMOS Manager
      • BIOS Master PG - a collection of utilities from different manufacturers
      • USB 3.0 Drivers
      • HDD Drivers

      Description of the programs:
      Kon-Boot is an application program that changes the contents of the Windows kernel on the fly, at boot time, bypassing the Windows authorization system and allowing you to enter the password-protected account without entering a password.

      Active @ Password Changer allows you to reset the password of the administrator of the Windows operating system. The utility will be useful in cases where you can not remember the password or it simply does not fit.

      Windows Password Killer is a professional tool for resetting a forgotten Windows password

      Password Reset program will help unlock the Windows account

      CIA Commander is the first thing you should use to recover a Windows password

      Paragon Password Cleaner allows you to reset passwords for any user on the Windows system.

      Windows Key Enterprise is an easy-to-use tool for accessing any Windows system. The program allows you to reset the password of any user without having to reinstall the operating system

      Volkov NTFSdos is a Russian analogue of the CIA Commander program. Allows you to reset user passwords, edit the registry, access files and folders on the NTFS / FAT32 hard drive.

      Reset Windows Password is the best professional program for resetting, changing or restoring passwords for all types of Windows accounts

      Elcomsoft System Recovery allows you to instantly reset passwords to accounts, at the same time, including a number of attacks, through which in some cases, in a short time, original passwords can be found.

      Proactive Password Auditor helps administrators verify the security of local area networks by performing an audit of user passwords.

      SAMInside professional program for recovering Windows user passwords

      Password Renew Resets or sets a new password for any local user, creates a new account with administrator rights, or gives root to an existing one.

      NTPWEdit is a program for editing passwords in Windows family systems.

      UserManager Edit account properties, reset passwords.

      WindowsGate bypasses the password verification of the account on the guest system.

      AntiSMS is designed for automatic treatment of malicious programs, blockers and trojans Trojan.Winlock, which block Windows OS, requiring the user to send SMS to unlock the system. Allows even inexperienced users to unlock Windows in the event of infection by the system blockers (extortion programs, adware and porn banners) or trojans Trojan.Winlock.

      AntiWinLocker LiveCD is designed to unlock and to treat an already infected (blocked) Windows OS, in case of infection with a forklock (trojan-extortioner Trojan.Winlock.)

      uVS is designed to facilitate the detection and destruction of unknown viruses, rootkits and bootkits, both directly in infected Windows, and for the treatment of inactive and remote systems. The uVS has enough options: you can restore and defragment the registry; to work with inactive systems; It is also possible to work with remote machines, and you do not need to install the program on them; there is an automatic detection of file viruses; if there is a hidden autorun of any application, you will be notified about this, it's only part of the main features.

      Total Commander is the most powerful and stable file manager for Windows with a user-friendly interface.

      Additional Information:
      Ctr + Shift + ~ Running Process Killer (alternative to Windows Task Manager)

      About AntiWinLocker ...
      The disk has a version of Lite, but it is possible to use the PRO version from a USB flash drive or ZALMAN.
      At startup, the search script looks at the root of all disks folder: AWLCD and if it finds it - runs the program.
      (it's convenient if you have a media with a PRO version or a newer version of the program)
      You can also use the PRO version with Zalman, you can even sew a key into the image.

      About Dr.Web ...
      There are no programs in the assembly! Only search script!
      We use this if there is an AntiWinBlock project on the media!

      Burning to disk and USB flash drive:
      Burn to disk:
      • Run Iso-Burner.exe
      • Set the minimum recording speed. Burn the disc.
      • Restart the computer in BIOS and select the boot from CD.

      Installation on the USB flash drive:
      • Run: USBboot Installer ++. Exe
      • Select a USB flash drive, in the list of devices
      • Click: Install
      • We are waiting for the end of the copy.
      • Restart the computer in BIOS select the USB download

      Adding an image to a multi-boot flash drive (GRUB):
      • Open the BootPass.iso image with UltraISO or 7Zip
      • Copy the folder: PASS to the root of the flash drive
      • In the menu.lst configuration file, write the following:

      title BootPass v4.2
      map --unmap = 0: 0xff
      map --unhook
      root (hd0,0)
      chainloader / PASS / bootmgr

      Or so:
      title BootPass v4.2
      chainloader / PASS / bootmgr

      • We reboot the computer.
      • Install in Bios boot from USB
      • We are waiting for the download.

      Version Features:
      • Version: Full
      • The full version, compiled on the boot loader BOOTMGR (standard Windows boot loader)
      • Optimized to run from a multi-boot flash drive.
      • Optional HDD and USB3.0 driver package
      • Supports the visibility of hidden partitions
      • Support for loading in Native mode
      • All project files are located in the folder: PASS

      What's New:
      • uVS 4.03
      • 7-Zip v17.0
      • NTPWEdit v0.6
      • Backup Key Recovery v2.2.1
      • AOMEI Partition Assistant Tech v6.3
      • UserManager v1.0.1.4573
      • Total Commander 9.0a

      Added by:
      • PC Unlocker v3.8
      • SmartFix v1.4.6.0
      • Disk Unlocker v1.0 (zxen)
      • Supports the visibility of hidden partitions
      • Native boot mode

      If you do not see all the shortcuts on the desktop:
      • Shortcuts from the desktop are added to the Start menu;
      • In case you go outside the screen, at the wrong resolution.
      System requirements:
      • RAM (RAM) 380 Mb and more.
      • Windows c option to boot from CD / USB

      Image checksums:
      File: BootPass.iso
      CRC32: F3771BCB
      MD4: B5C22F3227EF303D68EBC1CD8D20324B
      MD5: AB808C8EC94C284D04CAA9C002FD1F5E
      SHA-1: 2B376D7451E0E172D2D05E153371A8A8EF9F5469

      Information about the software:
      Release date: July 19, 2017
      Name: BootPass
      Version: 4.2.5 Full Native Update Jul. 19, 2017
      Bit depth: 32bit, 64bit
      Developer: Joker-2013 / updated vovan1982
      Language: English
      Tabletka: Not required
      The size: 383.39 MB

    • Por anhxxx
      Screaming Bee MorphVOX Pro 4.4.65 Full Pack (EN)

      Screaming Bee MorphVOX Pro 4.4.65 Full Pack (EN)|52.32 MB
      MorphVOX Pro - with this program you can change your voice beyond recognition or apply to it the audio effects available in the program. All this can be done, for example, during negotiations with your colleagues in IP telephony programs (Skype, AIM, Yahoo, MSN, GoogleTalk, TeamSpeak, etc.) or in online games.

      The program MorphVOX Pro has excellent voice change algorithms and ultra quiet background removal, which makes the program the cleanest program for changing the voice available on the market. The program is a high-quality product on the market. The sound quality of the program is excellent for creating voices for your video or audio project.

      Voice communication in online games only adds realism to the game action. However, if a gamer already dives into virtual reality, then with his head - his own voice must be changed beyond recognition. This can be done using the MorphVOX program. Communicating in an online game through a headset, the voice can be masked under a variety of characters. In addition to the altered voice, background audio effects can be superimposed on your own speech, for example, to make the conversation seem like a conversation from a crowded place or to hear thunder, sound of surf, announcements at the airport, etc. with the voice.

      Characteristics of the program:
      - high-quality voice changing technology;
      - A smarter program for an excellent voice change;
      - cancel the background - get a super clean voice change;
      - the background sound of the cork, the store;
      - integration with online games and IP-telephony programs;
      - Low frequency and CPU usage;
      - 10 level equalizer;
      - Different packages for changing the voice;
      - beautiful themes of skins;
      - Built-in high-quality sound effects;
      - adding your own library;
      - Full support for the mouse, keyboard and joysticks for gamers;
      - Quick effects allow you to play sound with a single button;
      - variable signals;
      - subsequent effects for improved voice change;
      - Improved vocal tract effects;
      - module for creating content - easy to create votes.

      Composition of Full Pack 2017:
      - DJ Streamer 1.6.7
      - GiggleType 1.0.2
      - MorphVOX Pro 4.4.65
      - ScriptVOX Studio 2.0.15
      - Voice Again 1.7.0
      Name: Screaming Bee MorphVOX Pro 4.4.65 Full Pack (EN)
      Year of manufacture: 2017
      Activation | reg code: yes
      Interface Language: English
      Platform / OS: Windows XP, Vista (32/64), Windows 7/8/10 (32-bit / 64-bit)
      Size: 52.32 MB

    • Por lasavn
      FinalMesh Pro (x86/x64)

      FinalMesh Pro (x86/x64) | 17 Mb

      With FinalMesh we implemented an incredible easy and powerful way to create 3D PDF documents or WebGL web pages.

      With clicking on regular "Save As" button your 3D model will be converted to complete WebGL HTML application or PDF with 3D content. Apart of that FinalMesh is great 3D viewer and converter with fast modern UI and has many useful features.
      View your 3D files, textures, inspect 3D objects internals and all this in modern and fast UI.
      - Per pixel lighting
      - Custom render modes
      - View any node in a new window
      - Hierarchy tree
      - List of materials
      Convert 3D model or make final adjustments, save to another file format or render to image file.
      Just an example, Collada can be right choice for your game engine while STL file is good 3D printer.

    • Por lasavn
      DeskArtes 3Data Expert (x86/x64)

      DeskArtes 3Data Expert (x86/x64) | 124.6/133.7 Mb

      3Data Expert is a professional tool for preparing 3D models for Additive Manufacturing and Simulation applications. There are several commands for manipulation of both 3D surface models and 3D faceted models.

      These commands include surface triangulation, STL verification and repair, STL offsetting, splitting, connecting, decimation, smoothing, shrink wrap, nesting and Boolean as well as STL coloring and texturing. Sand Supports can be generated for deliate sand parts. Basic supports can be generated for both Stereolithography, DLP and metal processes. With the latest 64 bit implementation models with millions of triangles can be handled reliably. Prepared models can be sent directly to the receiving process using the new Plugin interface. 3Data Expert is the 3D data processing tool you need to get your AM business running.
      3Data Expert Support Structure beta program gives you free access to professional support struture generator for metal, DLP and Sterolithoraphy processes. See more at Support Structure beta program.
      3Data Expert includes the same powerful viewing, measuring and communication tools available with the free View Expert. Some of the more advanced functions are described below.
      Optionally, you can purchase 3D CAD Import Translators to triangulate and auto-repair standard and native 3D CAD models for 3D Color Printing, Additive Manufacturing and Simulation applications. Import translators include STEP, CATIA 4/5/6, CATIA CGR, NX Unigraphics, SolidWorks, Solid Edge, Inventor, Parasolid, JT and Creo/ProE formats. Conversion keeps original assembly colors (not textures) for 3D Color Printing and can generate optimized triangulation for simulation applications. Color models can be reliably transferred to 3D Color Printing preparation software modules 3DEdit Pro, ZEdit Pro and ColourIT via DeskArtes native file format .3de.