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      Nero Video 2016 17.0.17000 x64 Portable 180220

      Nero Video 2016 17.0.17000 x64 Portable | 454.68 MB
      Languages: Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Japanese, Italian, Czech

      Korean, Danish, Norwegian, Dutch, Polish, English, Portuguese (Brazil), Finnish
      Russian, French, Spanish, German, Swedish, Greek, Thai, Hungarian, Turkish
      With its ability to simply import photos and videos from almost any device; edit with the aid of cutting, text, image, and sound effects; create DVDs, AVCHDs, and Blu-ray?�? Discs; and play back and stream images - Nero Video 2016 is the powerful all-rounder for your next movie project.

      Powerful Video Editing. Best Results
      NEW! Nero Launcher with instant access to all Nero Video 2015 projects and guides
      NEW! 4K editing is now an integral part of Nero Video
      NEW! Complete new text handling and new font styles, plus motion text effect templates
      NEW! Nero Video Stabilizer
      NEW! Converts and burn even faster than before
      NEW! Two new apps for your smartphone and tablet guide you through your Nero Video 2015 project
      NEW! Switch Video-Disc Format on the Fly. No need to create a new project if you want to switch the output format

      NEW! Premium Content & Templates Now Included
      NEW! Now includes hundreds of effects, video effects, PiP, transitions and more!
      NEW! Nero Retro Films package with great video and slideshow templates, video effects and disc menu templates
      NEW! Nero Tilt Shift effects to make your photos look like miniatures

      Get Your Videos, Photos and Music Sorted
      NEW! Now manage and tag your photos and videos by locations ("Geotagging")
      NEW! Instant access to files in your Nero Cloud for browsing and adding to your media library

      Plays Everything. Everywhere
      NEW! Now streams your files to all your TVs and media player devices, thanks to all-new auto transcoding
      NEW! Streams your files to your Android & iOS device, thanks to the new Nero MediaHome Receiver app
      NEW! Even play 4K video

      OS : Windows?� 7 SP1 Home Premium, Professional or Ultimate, Windows?� 8, Windows?� 8.1, Windows?� 10

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      Wordpress E-commerce 2017 woocommerce plugin introduction
      MP4 | Video: AVC 1280x720 | Audio: AAC 44KHz 2ch | Duration: 1 Hours | Lec: 12 | 188 MB
      Genre: eLearning | Language: English

      E-commerce 24/7-tienda en línea, sitio web con WordPress, BLOG, envío, impuestos, cliente de correo electrónico y Maestro plugin de woocommerce

      el futuro es todo acerca de las compras en línea, y todos vemos que ya happiening ahora, mientras que la mayoría de las compras en las tiendas online.

      E-commerce 24/7-tienda en línea, sitio web con WordPress, BLOG, envío, impuestos, cliente de correo electrónico y el plugin de woocommerce desarrollo de la
      en WordPress-E-commerce-2017 : full control deslizante para los cursos de 1 hora
      el futuro todas las tiendas en línea y todo lo que podemos ver ya happiening ahora, mientras que la mayoría de las compras en la tienda online.
      Este es el lugar perfecto para comenzar su negocio en línea y vender sus productos y mercancías.
      Aprender a vender tus productos en internet y en todas partes a tener que abrir su tienda 24/7 para mostrar los productos y los presenta de una manera única, sin mucho esfuerzo.
      * El dinero No es necesario para la instalación de una tienda o de un gran capital para iniciar su proyecto comercial y centro de negocios.
      * Alquiler, mano de obra, tasa, pago, o de la supervisión.
      * No necesita demasiados permisos del gobierno para el descubrimiento de la física del mundo real de los negocios, lo que realmente es mucho más fácil vender sus productos en línea.
      Si usted firmó para arriba para mi curso ( en WordPress completo sitio web de Comercio electrónico : para principiantes ) no es necesario con este curso
      completo plugin de woocommerce-Tutorial de
      para crear una línea 24/7 e-commerce.
      Simple variable del producto

      ejecuta la entrega, impuestos, compras, e-mail
      para aprender a crear cupones de descuento y códigos promocionales.
      El valor de las Políticas de privacidad del sitio


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      Safe Software FME Desktop/Server 2017 beta

      Safe Software FME Desktop/Server 2017 beta | 9.9 Gb

      Safe Software, makers of FME, the leading spatial data transformation technology, announced that the latest tested version of its core technology, FME 2017, is now available in both FME Desktop and FME Server.

      Developments aim to help users easily move their data where it needs to be and keep up with technology that is constantly evolving, not only with tools that enable them to use more data in more ways, but with enhanced usability features that allow them to work with FME more efficiently and focus on getting the most from their data.
      FME Desktop is the all-in-one tool for data integration and productivity. Simple to Use. Easy to Love. Build workspaces in a few quick clicks using FME Desktop's drag-and-drop interface. Workspaces are repeatable and can be run again and again.
      FME Desktop is the all-in-one tool for data integration and productivity.
      Build workspaces in a few quick clicks using FME Desktop's drag-and-drop interface. Workspaces are repeatable and can be run again and again.
      No coding is required, which means you can spend more time using your data and less time fighting with it. (And if you really want, FME Desktop also supports Python).
      FME is like the Swiss army knife for your data with hundreds of transformer tools to get the job done.
      Convert - Transform - Merge - Validate - Reproject - Inspect - Style - Filter
      Work with all of your data in one central spot. FME Desktop lets you input data from hundreds of sources and output to hundreds more. Convert data from A to B, perform complicated enterprise integrations, or simplify a tedious task. It's all easy with FME.
      FME Desktop also includes 475+ data transformers, giving you complete control over the content, structure, and style of your data. Plus, no tool is better able to handle the complexity of spatial data.
      Power the Flow of Data Use FME Server to automate flow of data between applications. (Not to mention any mindless data tasks you're forced to do each day.) Automate Practically Anything FME Server works hand-in-hand with FME Desktop.
      Use FME Server to automate flow of data between applications. (Not to mention any mindless data tasks you're forced to do each day.)
      FME Server works hand-in-hand with FME Desktop. Design the workflow you want to automate in FME Desktop's drag-and-drop interface and then publish it to FME Server at the push of a button.
      Using FME Server you can schedule the workspace you created to automatically run at any time interval, turn it into a self-serve process for others to run whenever they want, or have your workspace always running in real-time.
      FME Server lets you automate pretty much anything.
      File submission - Data - Send reports - Schedule Data synch - Stream data - Monitor Assets
      Power the flow of data across the enterprise, from simple cloud services to complex legacy systems. FME Server includes a REST API and supports common protocols such as email, SMS, WebSockets, JMS, and more. This all in addition to native support for hundreds of file formats and applications.
      Say 'goodbye' to data silos, and start enjoying up-to-date, fully integrated data.
      Safe Software is the maker of FME and the pioneering global leader in spatial data transformation technology. FME empowers users to confidently transform data so it can be used and shared - where, when and how it's needed. Available in seven languages, FME's unmatched transformation capabilities and support for 325+ formats and countless applications enables you to quickly overcome data challenges so you can focus on your objectives. Discover why leading vendors and thousands of organizations worldwide rely on FME to quickly overcome barriers to using and sharing data.
      Safe Software FME Desktop/Server
      2017 beta
      32bit / 64bit


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      Guthrie QA-CAD 2017 v2017 A 22

      Guthrie QA-CAD 2017 v2017 A 22 | 39 MB

      QA-CAD 17 is an essential tool in the engineering design process. If you are still plotting drawings and adding numbered stamps and revisions by hand, then QA-CAD 17 is for you! Save your valuable time and resources with our QA stamping software that overlays drawings with auto-numbered stamps and markup notes and corrections (text, sketches, boxes, lines and arrows).

      With just a press of a button the drawing, along with the revision stamps and markup notes/corrections, can be saved to a PDF and sent in an email. The source drawing remains untouched by the stamping and markup operations.
      QA-CAD 17 also includes all the features and functions of CAD Viewer 17, CAD Markup 17, SymbolCAD 17, and also includes the valuable add-on extension CAD Viewer Batch Command.
      QA-CAD 12 is the perfect tool for drawing revision management because it's easy to use and has many features for the professional user such as embedding field-based data and attributes into the stamps. This data can then be exported to a spreadsheet making it easy to manage your drawing revisions.
      - Overlay drawings with unlimited no. of QA stamps and Markup annotations
      - Stamps are automatically numbered and easily configured
      - Choose from 20 different stamping inks
      - Alter each stamp to any size
      - Rotate stamps in any direction
      - Add leaders to stamps
      - Alter numbering system of QA Stamps anytime during stamping process
      - Field-based data or attributes may be embedded into QA stamps
      - Option to configure field entry controls as a dropdown list of user defined values
      - Dimensions values may be captured directly from the drawing
      - Export embedded data to a spreadsheet (Excel) for revision management & inspection
      - Save QA stamps and markup annotations separate to the drawing
      - Save the drawing with QA stamps and markup overlays to PDF, DWG, DXF, TIFF .
      - Vector (DWG, DXF, HPGL/2, DWF), pixel (TIFF, JPG, BMP) and PDF formats can be opened and stamped
      OS : Win 2003/2008/2012/Citrix/XP/XP64/Vista/Vist64/Win7/win7x64/Win8/Win8x64/Win10
      Language : English


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      WebDrive Enterprise 2017 Build 4854 (x86/x64)

      WebDrive Enterprise 2017 Build 4854 (x86/x64) | 86.7 Mb

      The File Transfer Client You Already Know How to Use. WebDrive makes accessing and editing files on corporate SFTP, WebDAV and SharePoint Servers as easy as editing any file on your computer. Easily update files on Amazon S3 or other cloud servers.

      Open, edit, save. It's that simple.
      Easy to Use
      WebDrive's instantly familiar interface lets you fluently work with cloud storage, local files and files on remote servers through one common access point. Use WebDrive instead of the traditional FTP Client, WebDAV Client or SFTP Client to reduce the steps of updating remote content. Connect to popular cloud storage servers through the convenience of a drive letter.
      Easy to Manage
      WebDrive was created with IT managers in mind, so supporting WebDrive on a large number of desktops is simple. No more installation insanity. WebDrive lets you preconfigure settings and distribute them to your users. Protocols, ports, IP Addresses and other settings are configured once by the IT group. Users don't need to know any information except their username and password. This avoids installation errors and manually configuring dozens or hundreds of PCs.
      Reduced Training and Troubleshooting. Since users already know the WebDrive interface, you reduce the training time often associated with implementing new applications. WebDrive's cost-effective multi-seat licensing allows easy standardization of your file transfer software, rather than having users a variety of applications that your IT team has to support.
      Simple for the Novice, Powerful for the Super-User
      - FTP resume interrupted - if connection has been lost during a file transfer, WebDrive can resume from the point where there connection was lost, rather that restarting from the beginning.
      - Secure passwords - WebDrive uses S/KEY Password Encryption - Use MD4 & MD5 password encryption for supported FTP servers.
      - File Caching - WebDrive caches both file and directory listings for quick access. You can control the amount of disk space used for the cache, and whether to cache files, directory listings, or both.
      - File locking - when used with WebDAV servers. This prevents users from accidentally overwriting another user's changes.
      - Backup Utility - WebDrive includes a simple backup utility so that you can easily back up your PC files to an offsite server.
      - Compression for faster transfers - WebDrive supports ZLIB compression on SFTP transfers for faster transfer speeds.