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      Acme CAD Converter 2017 Multilingual | 7.3 Mb

      Acme CAD Converter is a power bacth DWG converter, it can convert DWG DXF and DWF files into PDF, BMP, GIF, JPEG, WMF, PCX, TIFF, PNG, TGA, DXF, DWG, SVG, SVGZ, CGM, EPS, HPGL(PLT,HGL) etc., and also supports the conversion between DWG and DXF file versions (AutoCAD R2.5-R2012). Supports replacing missing font file. Supports bacth transmit command like AutoCAD,and batch recover drawing files. It can export layers information into the PDF file and it allows you export OLE entity and raster entity into PDF file, Supports 3D objects Hidden line removal. Supports user-defined Watermark.
      - Supports to open various DWG,DXF formats ( R2.5-R2012 ) and DWF;
      - Supports to save DWG and DXF into DWF format(Beta).
      - Identify literal fonts and entity color correctly;
      - Supports batched conversion of multiple files;
      - Supports to select the printout of color or monochrome raster file; set background color freely;
      - Print out raster mask file; be used as image channel (used in Photoshop etc.);
      - Replaces font files.
      - Sets the size of raster file to be printed out freely;
      - Supports full-screen mode ( press F );
      - Supports printing;
      - Supports AutoCAD pen sets file (*.ctb).
      - Supports the paper setting of each layout, can adjust the size of output pages with its layout automatically.
      - Supports 3D objects Hidden line removal when convert DWG/DXF to other formats.
      - Supports user-defined Watermark.
      - Converts DWG to PDF;
      - Creates PDF bookmark automatically with layout name and file name, and you can edit them.
      - Supports PDF's security Options.
      - Can export OLE entity to PDF file;
      - Can export layer information and raster image in the dwg/dxf file to PDF file
      - Batch recover DWG/DXF files;
      - Can select a window area for conversion;
      - Exports the arc/circle objects to true arc/circle objects of other vector file.
      - Supports true color
      - Supports pen width and destination colors settings, and can export/import these settings;
      - SHX font, XRef and Image search path
      - Supports to separate layers to drawings(one drawing per layer).
      - What you see is what you get
      - Supports command line parameters;
      - Free DWG viewer;
      - Register once and upgrade free permanently;
      - Supports Windows95,98,ME,NT,2000,XP,Vista,Window7,without AutoCAD;
      What can Acme CAD Converter do for you ?
      - DWG DXF File version conversion.
      - Converts DWG, DXF, DWF to PDF.
      - Converts DWG, DXF, DWF to EPS, CGM, HPGL(*.PLT).
      - Converts DWG, DXF, DWF to WMF, BMP, GIF, JPEG, TIFF, PNG, TGA, PCX.
      - Converts DWG, DXF, DWF to SVG.
      - Batch converts multi DWG DXF and DWF files to a single PDF.
      - Inserts DWG DXF and DWF into MS Word.(converts DWG to WMF)
      - Replaces the missing fonts.
      - Batch recovers DWG and DXF files.
      - Package multi-DWG or DXF drawings toge


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    • Por TheCornor
      Artist: VA
      Title: York: Planet Chill 2017
      Year Of Release: 2017
      Label: Planet Chill
      Genre: Downtempo, Lounge, Chillout
      Quality: Mp3 / 320 Kbps
      Total Time: 02:41:33
      Total Size: 417 Mb

      1. Headstrong - Here in the Dark (feat. Shelley Harland) [Headstrong & Tasos Panagis Chill Mix] (05:34)
      2. David Busmer - Urban Analogue Movements (05:08)
      3. York, Nathan Red & Doris Pearson - Moving in the Shadows (R.I.B. Chillout Mix) (05:42)
      4. Matthew Kramer - Off My Mind (Planet Chill Mix) (03:43)
      5. Headstrong - Tears (feat. Stine Grove) [Acoustic Piano Chillout Mix] (03:38)
      6. The Midnight - Sunset (The Midnight) (05:26)
      7. Sean Mackey & Julian Kruse - True Summer (03:55)
      8. The Thrillseekers & Stine Grove - How Will I Know (03:36)
      9. Jdakk & French - Infinity (York & Marco Torrance Planet Chill Remix) (05:17)
      10. Domenico Cascarino & Luca Lombardi - The Brotherhood (03:10)
      11. York - We Are (feat. Arlen) [Seven24 & SAT Remix] (03:56)
      12. Project Blue Sun - Hold Me in Your Arms (04:45)
      13. York & Chola - Greyhound (feat. Alexander K.G Klaus) [Seven24 & S.A.T Remix] (04:52)
      14. Nikara - Perfect Day (03:52)
      15. Tripswitch - Deer Park (Radioactive Sandwich Downtempo Remix) (10:59)
      16. Marco Torrance & York - Forget to Remember (feat. Asheni) [R.I.B Chillout Remix] (04:39)
      17. York - Farewell to the Moon (S.A.T. Planet Chill Remix) (04:49)
      18. York - My Life Is Yours (feat. Theo) (03:33)
      19. Anthya - Tears of the Rain (York Remix) (07:08)
      20. York - Planet Chill 2017 (01:19:16)


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    • Por TheCornor
      Artist: VA
      Title: EDM Deejay Compilation 2017 (Summer Edition)
      Year Of Release: 2017
      Label: Planet Dance Music
      Genre: Bigroom, Progressive, Club, Electro
      Quality: MP3 320 kbps
      Total Time: 2:34:27
      Total Size: 353 Mb

      01. Turbotronic - Bomdigi (Original Mix) 04:22
      02. Ricardo Reyna - New Era (Original Mix) 03:34
      03. Lukino Simjay - Sunlight (Extended Mix) (Feat. Joy Jackson) 04:56
      04. Wayck - Carousel (Burani & Busilacchi Remix) (Feat. Nick Tart) 04:30
      05. Alex Milani - Where The Stars Go (Original Mix) (Feat. Rhett Fisher) 03:54
      06. Goldenbeatz - Living Out Loud (Extended Mix) (Feat. Bodhi Jones) 03:48
      07. Turbotronic - Invader Bounce (Extended Mix) 04:11
      08. Rene Rodrigezz - Kangaroo (Extended Mix) 03:24
      09. Jimmy Trias - We Like The Summer Nights (Original Mix) 03:51
      10. Chr - Do It (Original Mix) 04:17
      11. Housecrusherzzz - Not Too Late (Original Mix) 04:54
      12. Michael Fall - Stars (Extended Mix) 05:34
      13. T3rminal - Alive (Original Mix) (Feat. Clea) 04:23
      14. Stephan F - Color Of Love (Club Mix) (Feat. Tony T) 05:06
      15. Dj Farre - Raw & Bumpin (Club Mix) 05:54
      16. Turbotronic - Dalryo Baby (Original Mix) 04:37
      17. Daniel Rosty - Girls (Original Mix) 03:21
      18. Sl4tch - Fly Away (Original Mix) (Feat. Doris Stadler) 03:46
      19. Ricardo Reyna - Turn Me On (Original Mix) 03:48
      20. Robbie Mirello - Ayani (Original Mix) 04:34
      21. Angel P - Again (Original Mix) (Feat. Luna Palumbo) 04:51
      22. Chris Gomez - To The Top (Club Mix) 04:10
      23. Attila Sezgin - Vision (Make Me Wonder) (Flip Capella 2K17 Remix) (Feat. Max Landry) 03:56
      24. Max Roven - Wayfaring (Original Mix) 05:56
      25. Tomsta - Put Ya Hands Up (Original Mix) 03:59
      26. Bobby Smiles - Wicked Wild West (Original Mix) 04:06
      27. Jilayro - Rampage (Original Mix) 04:46
      28. Natural Enemies - Jump (Original Mix) 04:00
      29. Simon From Deep Divas - Whoop (Original Mix) 05:02
      30. Niky G - Dead Awake (Extended Mix) (Feat. Phaasm) 03:58
      31. Ouzzo - If You (Extended Mix) (Feat. Alba Kras & Tony T) 04:45
      32. Phil Praise - Party All Night Long (Original Mix) 04:00
      33. Ryan Housewell - Give Me A Reason (Original Mix) 04:42
      34. Armos - Sabrosa (Big Room Remix) 04:17
      35. Julian Blaze - Wah (Original Mix) 05:03


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    • Por TheCornor
      Artist: VA
      Title: Trance Forever 2017
      Year Of Release: 2017
      Label: Deugene Music Bundles
      Genre: Trance
      Quality: MP3 320 kbps
      Total Time: 2:31:13
      Total Size: 345 Mb


      01. Ivan Louchkin - Arctika (Simon Ice Remix) 06:43
      02. Osayd Project - Voyage (Original Mix) 07:54
      03. Plazmatron - The Ultimate Dream (Original Mix) 06:22
      04. Purecloud5 - Polarity (Original Mix) 05:52
      05. Alexx Rave - Endurance (B.Exp Remix) 05:35
      06. Purecloud5 - Wtut (Original Mix) 04:38
      07. Simon Ice - Rocky Inlet (Original Mix) 06:33
      08. Purecloud5 - Destiny (Thevertigoeffect Remix) 05:27
      09. Simon Ice - Skiner (Original Mix) 06:09
      10. Purecloud5 - New Delhi (Original Mix) 05:48
      11. Simon Ice - Ticket In The Summer (Original Mix) 06:00
      12. Purecloud5 - Destiny (Radio Edit) 02:36
      13. Purecloud5 - All This (Original Mix) 07:05
      14. Ladrao - Konga (Original Mix) 03:02
      15. Purecloud5 - Atmosphere (Psy Trance Edit) 05:21
      16. Purecloud5 - Baynara (Extended Mix) 06:10
      17. Purecloud5 - Destiny (Dekker Remix) 06:12
      18. Purecloud5 - Destiny (Extended Mix) 07:53
      19. Alexx Rave - Let's Make A Bet (Original Mix) 06:39
      20. Alexx Rave - Magrathea (Original Mix) 06:13
      21. Purecloud5 - Easternova (Original Mix) 05:28
      22. Purecloud5 - Eternal Ethnic (Original Mix) 06:20
      23. Purecloud5 - Forgetting Skyscrapers (Original Mix) 07:11
      24. Alexx Rave - Future Is Now (Tribute To Afp 2016) 06:03
      25. Purecloud5 - It's Not Too Late (Extended Mix) 07:47


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    • Por TheCornor
      DVD-Cloner Gold / Platinum 2017 14.10 Build 1421 Multilingual | 15 / 58 MB

      DVD-Cloner Platinum is powerful DVD copy/conversion/burn software. It has all the features of DVD-Cloner plus the ability to convert all your DVD movies to iPod Nano, Classic and Touch. It makes DVD copy or conversion with unparalleled image quality. The inventive SRT™ supports for copying up-to-date commercial DVD movies with all kinds of DVD encryptions
      DVD-Cloner takes a commanding leadership among the DVD copy software peers with its powerful functions and well-deserved reputation all over the world. Your satisfaction is worth our 15 years' sincere devotion to our products!
      • Copies up-to-date DVD movies. DVD-Cloner 2017 makes all known DVD protections accessible and removes CSS, Region Code, RCE, UOPs (FBI warnings), APS and Disney X-project DRM, etc. It can also copy DVDs with Sony ARccOS bad sectors deliberately created on the DVD. Enhanced
      • The inventive SRT™ provides you the freedom to copy latest DVD movies much faster.
      • Movie-only copy - Intelligently detects and copies the main movie from the source DVD to avoid copying a fake main movie.
      • Creates an ISO image at 1:1 ratio from DVD for burning later or burns an existing ISO image file to a DVD disc.
      • Combines two DVDs to one DVD±R DL or combines 6 DVDs to one BD-R/RE (DL).
      • Combines multiple titles from different DVDs together, and then outputs to the hard disk as ISO files or folders, or burns directly onto blank discs.
      • Copies Blu-ray movies to the hard disk.
      iPod-Cloner is a one-click solution to convert all kinds of DVD to iPod compatible formats. The conversion process is fast and easy.
      • Directly transports DVD files from PC to iPod without iTunes!
      • Converts DVD to iPod MP4 (MPEG-4), MP3, AAC, M4A formats
      • Supports the conversion of latest DVD movies
      • Supports iPod Nano and Classic
      • Converts DVD movies to iPod Touch/iPhone compatible files
      • Faster and easier to use. (up to 400%)
      • iPod Files Manager - Easily transports all the files
      • Built-in CSS decryption
      • Removes region codes
      • Chapter(s) conversion
      • Supports the adjustment of the aspect ratio
      • Adds or removes borders
      DVD-Cloner Gold is powerful DVD and Blu-ray copy/burn software. It has all the features of DVD-Cloner and Open SmartBurner plus the ability to back up latest Blu-ray movies to the hard disk without any third party plug-in. It can burn data files and video files to a DVD/Blu-ray disc and convert video files with various formats to DVD/Blu-ray movie files. The inventive SRT™ supports for copying up-to-date commercial DVD movies with all kinds of DVD encryptions.
      - Pentium-II 450 MHz
      - 64MB of RAM
      - 5GB free hard disk space for DVD-5 (10GB free hard disk space for DVD-9)
      - DVD burners
      - Windows XP and higher


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