Nero 2017 Platinum v18.0.00300 VL Multilenguaje (Español)

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    • Por rollroys
      Bricsys BricsCAD Platinum v18.1.04.1 (x64) 180123

      Bricsys BricsCAD Platinum v18.1.04.1 (x64) | 273.23 MB

      A powerful CAD platform, with features familiar to you from native .dwg applications. BricsCAD� unifies advanced 2D design with the intelligence of 3D direct modeling. For Windows. BricsCAD offers CAD features familiar from other .dwg programs, and then adds timesaving tools and 3D direct modeling. With BricsCAD, you get more for less.

      Familiar Interface
      The powerful features that you know and love in a clean and consistent user experience.

      2D Drafting
      Create 2D technical drawings, floor plans, and other layouts quickly and accurately.

      3D Modeling
      BricsCAD performs 3D direct modeling with assemblies in the standard .dwg format.

      The Quad cursor
      Speed up your workflow with our context-sensitive Quad� cursor.

      Cloud Connectivity
      Collaborate and annotate projects, all in the cloud.

      BricsCAD's application developers create innovative solutions for a broad range of industries.

      And there's more
      BricsCAD supports solutions for sheet metal design, Building Information Modeling, and 3D data exchange. All stored in standard .dwg files.

      BricsCAD Platinum Features:
      - Powerful CAD functions
      - 2D constraints solving
      - Full support of LISP
      - Chapoo connectivity
      - Direct 3D modeling
      - Rendering, materials, and lighting
      - VBA1 & BRX
      - 3D constraints solving
      - BricsCAD Communicator 2
      - 3D constraint creation
      - Design intent recognition
      - Assembly modeling
      - Sheet Metal
      - BIM

      Home Page -

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    • Por rollroys
      Ce.A.S. ParatiePlus 2017 version 17.0.5 180123

      Ce.A.S. ParatiePlus 2017 version 17.0.5 | 133.3 mb

      Ce.A.S & Harpaceas presents the new version of Paratie Plus 2017 (version 17.0.5), the leading software company in Italy for more than 30 years, for the analysis and testing in seismic areas of flexible retaining structures, modeled on finite elements in a nonlinear field.

      What's new in version 2017:

      - With the new Paratie Plus 2017, it is now possible to import dxf files, starting with the initial geometry (topography, layers, flap, and any critical surface). The program proposes a model creation wizard where the user can complete the initial phase by setting the dimensions of the Design Section, the Wall Position, and the current unit of measurement.
      - New features have also been introduced for plastic hinges : for each element in the model, except for combined walls (quinconce and pile poles), the user can activate the possible formation of a plastic hinge, specifying the value of the Plastic Moment and the ways of redistributing stresses. Many other novelties have been implemented in Paratie Plus 2017.

      About Paratie Plus. Paratie Plus is a non linear analysis program conceived to model the soil-structure interaction of a flexible retaining wall, by means of the popular subgrade reaction method, a simple yet widely accepted approach in current design practice as well as by most of design standard worldwide, including Eurocodes. Thanks to its effectiveness, Paratie Plus is a simple yet accurate retaining wall design tool. In most cases, a Paratie Plus analysis can be sufficient to completely define a wall design. However, even in very complex situations, Paratie Plus may provide valuable design information, at least in the preliminary design stages: if required, selected final layout will be more thoroughly analyzed, with more advance but complex programs such as FLAC.

      About Ce.A.S. Ce.A.S (Structural Analysis Center)is an engineering company that for over 30 years has successfully linked its design and structural calculations to civil engineering, infrastructure, industrial and geotechnical engineering. Ce.AS is protagonist in the engineering scenario also for the great experience gained in the direction of work, in geotechnical and geomechanical consulting and in the realization and distribution of calculation programs in their areas of intervention.

      Product: Ce.A.S. Paratie Plus
      Version: 2017 version 17.0.5
      Supported Architectures: 32bit / 64bit
      Website Home Page :

      Language: italian, english
      System Requirements: PC
      Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7even or newer
      Size: 133.3 mb

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    • Por NLin
      QuarkXPress 2017 v13.2 (x64) | Size: 393 MB

      QuarkXPress is a powerful layout application that has an intuitive, versatile interface which helps you combine writing, editing and typography with color and pictures to produce dynamic final output.
      QuarkXPress is widely used by magazines, newspapers, advertising agencies, typesetters, printers, corporate publishers, design firms, catalog houses, book publishers and form designers. It is also used by businesses with publishing

      New Picture and Pen Tools
      Integrate images into your layout quickly and seamlessly with QuarkXPress.
      Intuitively place, scale, rotate, and offset images easily using the new Picture Content tool - no need to switch tools or enter numbers in a palette or dialog box. You can even see a visual preview as you crop an image!

      Draw brand new illustrations directly in QuarkXPress with the redefined Bézier Pen tool - just like you do in Illustrator and other major graphics applications. Most importantly, you can focus on the task at hand because we've separated illustration tools from the tools you use for basic page-layout tasks.

      Design and Output Flash (SWF) Directly from QuarkXPress
      Page-layout professionals can create rich Flash projects - without compromising design - using the built-in Flash authouring capabilities included in every edition of QuarkXPress.

      Working in the same, familiar print environment of QuarkXPress, you can take existing print jobs to Flash, or create new Flash projects, in minutes - no additional purchase or coding required! Interactive design in QuarkXPress includes support for all of the new typographic features, the improved illustration (pen) tool set, full integration with Item Styles and other features, and support for more than 30 languages, including East Asian scripts. No other page-layout application gives you such advanced design capabilities that you can apply directly and easily to Flash design!

      Create Stunning Text and Achieve the Effects you Want with Hanging Characters
      QuarkXPress offers easy-to-use, precise, and fully customizable control for hanging characters. You can control the look of your text margin alignment by quickly applying preloaded settings for Hanging Punctuation and Punctuation Margin Alignment. And only QuarkXPress offers the ability to apply your settings at the paragraph level, so settings don't have to apply to an entire story. You can even include the hanging characters setting as part of a style sheet.

      But our settings are just the beginning. You can build your own settings to precisely define the hang of any character you choose, including drop caps, to create the design effects that work for you.

      Working together with other design applications has never been easier! QuarkXPress adds native Illustrator file import, standardized tools, and Adobe Bridge integration to existing designer-friendly Photoshop integration.

      You can import or drag and drop an Illustrator file directly to your page. Better still, use our redefined illustration tool set to draw like you do in Illustrator and other major graphics applications, making illustration changes where it matters most - in the context of your layout.

      Importing Photoshop files is just the beginning - QuarkXPress is also the only page-layout application that gives designers control of creative features such as layer transparency, blend modes, and spot colour channels right on the page.

      Design Using Dictionaries and Hyphenation in More Than 30 Languages
      Whether you're designing multi-lingual documents or repurposing a document from another part of the world, QuarkXPress offers global publishing capabilities and support for more than 30 languages in every edition.

      Virtually anywhere in the world your workflow extends, the new global file format, hyphenation, and spelling capabilities of QuarkXPress mean that you can be sure your team works together seamlessly. What's more, you can even open, edit, style, and output East Asian documents without worries. QuarkXPress also includes multiple-language user interfaces that can be switched at will, letting your team members work in the language they choose.

      Here are some key features of "QuarkXPress":
      - Modern, intuitive interface
      - Built-in Web and Flash authoring tools
      - Designer-driven typography with hanging characters and advanced baseline grids
      - Native Illustrator file import and new illustration tools
      - Common Illustrator and Photoshop keyboard controls
      - Easy page layout with drag and drop functionality
      - Items Styles and Item Find/Change
      - Output styles suited for PDF workflows, including PDF/X and PDF/X PLUS
      - International publishing features


    • Por rollroys
      SolidCAM 2017 SP1.HF3 180123

      SolidCAM 2017 SP1 HF3 | 3.1 Gb
      Languages: Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese,Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish

      SolidCAM Inc. has released SolidCAM 2017 SP1 HF3. Empowered with the fastest Toolpaths in the business, SolidCAM is the best Manufacturing Suite for easiest, fastest, most efficient and profitable CNC-Programming done directly inside SolidWorks.

      About SolidCAM. SolidCAM is the best solution for manufacturing inside of SolidWorks. The most successful manufacturing companies today are using integrated CAD/CAM systems to reduce costs and get products to market faster. In the past, integrated CAD/CAM solutions were so expensive that only Fortune 500 companies could afford them. Integrated CAD/CAM solutions were also difficult to learn and use, so a company needed degreed engineers to tackle the complexities. SolidCAM has broken that tradition by providing an easy to use, powerful pairing of applications that has a low investment and a short ROI.

      SolidCAM is the fastest growing CAM application in the world, and has been for several years. It is completely integrated inside today's leading CAD solutions. All machining strategies are defined without ever leaving the CAD environment. There is no loss of data or other problems with translation that plague stand alone CAM systems. Because SolidCAM is truly associative, changes to the design are automatically updated through to the tool path.

      SolidCAM is an extremely powerful tool for machined part programming. The powerful geometry selection and creation tools found within your design environment are rounded out with specialist tools in SolidCAM. The combination of these tools minimizes the time spent selecting areas to be machined or limited from machining. The user works in assembly mode so he/she can simply pull components from a library to model entire setups, including machine tables, fixtures, and vises. Manufacturing can be automated through the use of the built-in knowledge database. This database in not a static template, but it can be dynamically driven by changes in tools, geometry and strategies.

      About SolidCAM Inc. SolidCAM Inc. is a world leader in advanced tool path generation technology (CAM) running directly inside SolidWorks. SolidCAM features a full line of CNC machine programming software solutions ranging from 2 axis lathes and 3 axis mills to extremely complex multi-axis MillTurn machines and Wire Edm. All products run directly inside SolidWorks and provide the user with a true "SolidWorks look and feel" for ease of use and maximum efficiency. Along with the integrated interface and scalability for new machines, SolidCAM also has its patented "iMachining" that powers users to new levels of productivity and profits, through unmatched cycle time reduction and unrivaled tool life.

      Product: SolidCAM
      Version: 2017 SP1 HF3 build 85394
      Supported Architectures: x64
      Website Home Page :

      Language: multilanguage
      System Requirements: PC
      Supported Operating Systems: Windows XP / Vista / 7even / 8.x / 10
      Software Prerequisites: SolidWorks 2012-2018
      Size: 3.1 Gb
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    • Por lasavn
      Xilisoft iPhone Magic Platinum 5.7.20 Build 20170905 Multilingual

      Xilisoft iPhone Magic Platinum 5.7.20 Build 20170905 Multilingual | 70.7 Mb

      Featured as iPhone manager, Xilisoft iPhone Magic integrates with all solutions to transfer, backup and manage music/movies/photos/books between iPhone and computer. It enables you to backup all multimedia files in iPhone to computer or iTunes, move files from computer to iPhone, convert DVD movie, common video and audio files with no requirement for installing any other decrypter or decoder software, exciting online videos from top online videos websites, extract audios to make personalized iPhone ringtones from audio/video files and etc.

      Fully support all iPhone/iPod/iPod touch models and connect to multiple devices simultaneously to accomplish file transferring mutually is enabled as well. This powerful and easy iPhone solution provider contributes to convert/transfer video to iPhone, music to iPhone, online videos to iPhone, photos and books in PDF and EPUB formats to iPhone and DVD to iPhone for users to enjoy movies and music in multiple formats on iPhone with ease.
      Do more and better than iTunes.
      Supports all iPad/iPhone/iPod models, latest iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iOS 8 and iTunes 11.
      Transfer all multimedia files between device and PC/ Mac/iTunes.
      Convert incompatible Video/Audio/DVD/CD to iPad/ iPhone supported formats.
      & convert online videos (eg. YouTube video) to play on iPhone/iPad.