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resident evil capitulo final

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    • Por TheCornor
      TeraCopy Pro 3.26 Final Multilingual + Portable | 4.35/5.14 MB

      Teracopy es una herramienta diseñada para copiar/mover archivos más rápido y más seguro. Puede reanudar la transferencia de archivos. Teracopy salta mal los archivos durante la copia e incluso muestra los archivos que faltan en la final de la transferencia de archivos

      programa para calcular las sumas de comprobación de archivos sobre la marcha para acelerar la comparación de archivos de origen y destino. Completa integración con el Explorador de Windows, lo que le permite continuar trabajando con archivos como de costumbre.
      Teracopy es un pequeño programa diseñado para copiar y mover archivos a la máxima velocidad posible, proporcionando al usuario con un montón de funciones:
      , la copia de los archivos más rápido. Teracopy utiliza cambiar el tamaño de los búferes para reducir los tiempos de búsqueda. Asincrónica copia acelera la transferencia de archivos entre dos unidades de disco duro físico.
      - Pausar y reanudar la transferencia de archivos. Pausa el proceso de copia en cualquier momento para liberar recursos del sistema y continuar con un solo clic.
      - Eliminación de errores. En caso de error de copia, el programa intentará varias veces y en el peor de los casos sólo se salta el archivo sin necesidad de apagar la transmisión.
      - Interactivo de la lista de archivos. Teracopy muestra error de transferencias de archivos y le permite corregir el problema y volver a escribir el archivo el único problema.
      - La integración de la cáscara. Teracopy puede sustituir completamente el explorador de windows de copia y desplazamiento de funciones, que permite trabajar con archivos como de costumbre.
      - Soporte completo de Unicode.
      - 20 para Windows x64 soporta.
      - Usted también puede comprar la versión Pro, que le permite hacer lo siguiente:
      - copiar/mover la carpeta de favoritos.
      - Seleccione los archivos con la misma extensión de archivo/directorio.
      - Para eliminar los archivos seleccionados a partir de la copia de la cola.
      - Usted obtener actualizaciones gratuitas y soporte de prioridad.
      - Características adicionales que vienen pronto!
      Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10


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    • Por rollroys
      Ableton Live Suite 9.2.2 Final (x86/x64) 171017

      Ableton Live Suite 9.2.2 Final (x86/x64) | 693.9/707.3 MB
      Create, produce and perform. Create ideas, make changes without stopping, and capture everything as you work. If you've used music software before, you're already familiar with one half of Ableton Live. Live's Arrangement View is a familiar working space: time moves from left to right, while tracks are stacked vertically.

      But Live also features the revolutionary Session View: a unique sketchpad for improvising, playing and performing with musical ideas, without the constraints of the timeline. Freely and independently start and stop any number of audio or MIDI loops - everything stays in sync. Almost everything in Live works in real-time - add, reorder or remove devices, play with Live's flexible track routing and more - all without interrupting your creative flow.
      OS : Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, XP
      Language : Multilingual
      Home Page -

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    • Por rollroys
      AI RoboForm Enterprise Final 171017

      AI RoboForm Enterprise Final | 16.2 Mb
      AI RoboForm the best manager of passwords and form filler with a serious Artificial intelligence. Main features RoboForm: automatically saves your internet-paroli, automatically enters in the form of passwords, click on the button Login for you, fills your personal information forms, varying remains classified information and notes, generate random passwords, encrypts passwords and personal data using AES, Blowfish , RC6, 3-DES or 1-DES, stores all the information only on the local computer, works with USB- disk providing maximum mobility, synchronizes your passwords and notes with the Palm or Pocket PC, provides backups and data recovery, works on both Windows Further to your browser, works with browsers Netscape, Mozilla, and Firefox on Windows interface is Multi including Russian.

      Memorizes your passwords and Logs You In automatically.
      Fills long registration and checkout forms with one click.
      Encrypts your passwords to achieve complete security.
      Generates random passwords that hackers cannot guess.
      Fights Phishing by filling passwords only on matching web sites.
      Defeats Keyloggers by not using keyboard to type passwords.
      Backs up your passwords, Copies them between computers.
      Synchronizes passwords between computers using GoodSync.
      Searches for keywords in your passwords, notes and Internet.
      Portable: RoboForm2Go runs from USB key, no install needed.
      PDA-friendly: sync your passwords to Pocket PC and Palm.
      Neutral: works with Internet Explorer, AOL/MSN, Firefox.
      IE 7 and Vista are now supported.
      Whats New:
      Updates: official site does not provide any info about changes in this version

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    • Por rollroys
      NewTek LightWave 2015.2 Build 2838 Final (x64/x86) 171016

      NewTek LightWave 2015.2 Build 2838 Final (x64/x86) | 353 MB
      LightWave 2015 is the latest iteration of the world's easiest and most reliable 3D software. LightWave 2015 provides the tools that you need to solve your animation and design challenges with numerous new workflow enhancements and features designed to streamline your creative process.

      Top studios to independent artists around the world all agree, some jobs are impossible to deliver with any other 3D package. When faced with tight deadlines and overly complex pipelines, you can count on LightWave 2015 to deliver. LightWave 2015 makes the impossible possible for all kinds of projects with its direct and robust workflow. Whether visual effects, motion graphics, game development, architectural visualization, product design or advertising, simplify your creative process with LightWave 2015.
      Constraints and Motors
      Take control over dynamics simulations with new constraint types such as Point-to-Point, Hinge, Slider, Cone Twist, Spring and six degrees of freedom (DOF) constraint types. Whether it's a car rolling over a terrain with fully working suspension, or a rag doll falling down the stairs, constraints help make it believable.
      Better, Cleaner Renders
      Greatly improve the quality of scenes lit by GI and HDR images or any type of background lighting. By intelligently concentrating rays into important areas, noise and splotches that can arise from highly differing light intensities are eliminated, resulting in cleaner, more accurate renders.
      Plate Matching In Minutes
      Whether matching plates or simply placing objects into photographs, matching the camera position and rotation is a tedious process. With the new Match Perspective tool this chore is now a breeze. Using simple on-screen gizmos to feed information to the Match Solver means you can sync your LightWave camera to an original photo or plate quickly.
      Fast, Flexible Rigging
      This rapid modular rigging system, which at the base level is a complete rigging development kit (RDK) can be used to quickly rig characters for animation without the need to setup complex rigs from scratch. Genoma 2 gives everyone the ability to create expert rigs and makes it possible to generate custom presets that perfectly fit into any character animation pipeline at any degree of complexity, including the use of Math Expressions and Scripts. It also features new and improved Human, Feline and Arthropod preset rigs..
      2015.2 FIXES
      Layout loses track of scene file loaded from "recent scenes"
      Crash Dump deleting camera hierarchy
      Scene refresh issue after updating object
      Reloading scene for the second time crashes Layout
      Particles are freezing Layout
      Listbox in Master Plugin continues to refresh
      EXPORT RIG : Parent Names not being exported for child bones/joints
      Layout crash loading item from scene
      Layout crashing when importing from scene or opening second scene.
      Graphical glitching in viewports when changing window
      Bug with default scene setup in LW 2015.1
      Crash loading instance scene.
      Really slow updating math expression driven morphs.
      Hide Select Item is not working correctly
      Mac LW 2015.1 2833 Layout Camera views messed up by selecting non-viewing camera

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    • Por rollroys
      NVIDIA GeForce Experience Beta / Final 171016

      NVIDIA GeForce Experience Beta / Final | 45.6/42.9 Mb

      NVIDIA GeForce Experience allows you to keep your Nvidia graphics card drivers up to date by notifying you of all new releases. Easily update your drivers with a single click without leaving your desktop. NVIDIA GeForce Experience also optimizes your game settings based on your CPU, GPU and display monitor. Enjoy the highest image quality while maintaining optimum performance for all supported games.

      Buy a premium to download file with fast speed
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