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Microsoft Office 2013 Excel

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Microsoft Office 2013 Excel
MP4 | Video: AVC 1280x720 | Audio: AAC 48KHz 2ch | Duration: 7 Hours | 6.49 GB
Genre: eLearning | Language: English

De Microsoft: Microsoft Excel 2013 está diseñado para ayudarle a obtener resultados de aspecto profesional con las características que usted puede utilizar para deshacerse de las paredes de los números y más persuasivo de las imágenes de tus datos te llevará a las mejores soluciones

contiene plantillas para la creación y el diseño, análisis rápido de la herramienta para convertir los datos en el gráfico o la tabla en dos pasos o menos, flash de relleno de datos asistente de terminado su trabajo, diagramas, recomendaciones de la segmentación de datos para filtrar los datos en tablas, así como varias nuevas funciones en matemáticas y trigonometría, estadística, ingeniería, fecha y hora, búsqueda y referencia, así como la lógica y la textual. Versión de Microsoft office 2013 de Microsoft office, la Suite de office para Windows. Nuestro MOS Excel 2013 formación proporciona a los estudiantes con los conocimientos y habilidades necesarias para utilizar las características avanzadas de software, y de integrar el programa con otros programas. Si usted mira en el examen 77-420 Excel 2013, a lograr la certificación Microsoft certified professional (MOS) de estado en Excel 2013. Especialista certificado en Microsoft certificación (ISO) identifica a los profesionales que conocen y tienen experiencia en Microsoft Office 2013 y.


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      Form Pilot Office 2.48 171124

      Form Pilot Office 2.48 | 33 Mb
      The Form Pilot form-filler can receive any document from any application by using its printing function. So, to get the form you want to fill out, open it in the appropriate application. For example, a *.doc file should be opened in Microsoft Word; a *.pdf file should be opened in Adobe Reader; and so on.
      Key Features:

      Filling out pre-printed forms
      Multi-page documents
      Multiple records for the same form
      Import data from external database
      Export data to external database
      Edit previously saved forms
      Ability to use printer fonts to speed-up printing on pre-printed paper forms
      PDF Export
      PDF password protection, security and protection options
      Ability to open electronic forms of any type (PDF, DOC, XLS, TXT...) via virtual printer
      Export to image formats: BMP, TIFF, JPG, PNG, PCX
      Import from image formats: BMP, TIFF, JPG, PNG, PCX
      Create forms that can be filled with Form Filler Pilot
      Create fillable PDF forms that can be filled with Adobe Acrobat Reader
      version 2.48
      * Some bugs were fixed.

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      Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 v15.21.1 Multilingual | MacOSX 171123

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      Harness your thoughts in your very own digital notebook. Capture, organize, and share your ideas with digital notebooks that you can access on any device. Find things quickly with a powerful search engine that tracks your tags, indexes your typed notes, and recognizes text in images and handwritten notes. Bold, italicize, underline, highlight, insert files, pictures and tables-format your notes like you want. Easily share notebooks with friends, family, or colleagues so everyone can work together on travel plans, household tasks, or work projects.

      PowerPoint features
      - Threaded comments enable you to have useful conversations right next to relevant text.
      - Change the style of your presentation using theme variants, different color schemes for a theme.
      - Presenter View gives you the tools to present with confidence, displaying the current slide, next slide, speaker notes, and a timer on your Mac, while projecting only the presentation to your audience on the big screen.
      - The Animation pane helps you design and fine-tune animations.
      - Coauthoring enables several people to work simultaneously in the same PowerPoint presentation.
      - The Conflict Resolution view lets you visually compare conflicting changes, so you can easily decide what version to keep.

      Compatibility: OS X 10.10 or later

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      Microsoft SQL Server 2016 13.0.1601.5 (2016) RUS / ENG

      Microsoft SQL Server 2016 13.0.1601.5 (2016) RUS / ENG|2.36 Gb | 2.12 Gb
      The SQL Server 2016 software finally came out! This is the most significant breakthrough in the history of Microsoft's data platforms: faster transactions and queries, valuable information on any device, enhanced analytics, new security technologies, and new uses for a hybrid cloud application.

      SQL Server 2016 provides advanced functions for solving high-priority tasks through memory operations and embedded operational analytics. Comprehensive security features, such as the "Continuous Encryption" technology, help protect inactive and active data, and a solution with high availability and world-class disaster recovery introduces further improvements to AlwaysOn technology.

      The new functionality will give organizations the opportunity to improve data efficiency, which will allow them to go beyond the limits of business analytics by performing advanced analysis directly in databases and receiving detailed visualization for business insights on any device.

      Thanks to the new technology "Stretch Database", which allows you to dynamically distribute "hot" and "cold" transaction data in Microsoft Azure in a safe way, you also get the benefits of a hyper scalable cloud with new uses of hybrid technologies. Your data will always be at hand regardless of their size. In addition, SQL Server 2016 provides a complete database platform for a hybrid cloud, allowing you to easily create and deploy solutions with the ability of local and cloud management.

      Benefits of Microsoft SQL Server 2016:
      · Increase processing efficiency in memory, in which transactions are processed 30 times, and queries - 100 times faster than in disk relational databases and real-time analytics systems
      · New Always Encrypted technology (always encrypted) helps protect data when stored and moved, on local systems and in the cloud, using the primary keys located in the application, without making changes to the application
      · The Stretch Database technology (database extension) allows you to keep most of the client log data at hand by moving the OLTP data to Microsoft Azure in a safe way without having to make changes to the application
      · The built-in advanced analytics capabilities provide scalability and efficiency in the creation and execution of additional analytical algorithms directly in the main transactional SQL Server database
      · Exploring business data through visualization on mobile devices using native applications for Windows, iOS and Android
      · Simplified management of relational and non-relational data using T-SQL queries using PolyBase
      · Quick hybrid backups, high availability and disaster recovery scenarios for backing up and restoring local databases in Microsoft Azure, and placing SQL Server AlwaysOn secondary replicas in Azure

      Additional Information:
      The package is full, nothing is cut!
      The image was obtained on Microsoft TechNet. The difference between the image and MSDN is that there is no DefaultSetup.ini file in this image, which gives us the choice of editing by entering the installation key.

      If you do not enter the key, you can only install the trial version of SQL Enterprise Edition (Evaluation) for 180 days, or the editions Express, Developer.
      Available versions:
      SQL Server 2016 Enterprise Core Edition
      SQL Server 2016 Enterprise Edition
      SQL Server 2016 Standard Edition
      SQL Server 2016 Developer Edition
      SQL Server 2016 Web Edition
      System requirements:
      OS x64: Windows 8, 8.1, 10; Windows Server 2012, 2012 R2, 2016
      · For editions of Web Edition, Enterprise Edition: Windows Server 2012, 2012 R2, 2016
      · Versions of Windows 7 and Server 2008, 2008 R2 are not supported!
      · Hard disk: at least 6 GB of free disk space
      · RAM: Express releases 1 GB, all other editions 4 GB and above
      · Processor speed: 2.0 GHz and higher
      · Processor type:
      x64 processor: AMD Opteron, AMD Athlon 64, Intel Xeon with Intel EM64T support, Intel Pentium IV with EM64T support
      · Requirements for SQL Server Management Studio: Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.1

      Checksums of images:
      CRC32: 82F9B302
      MD5: 8051FE3707E567B17CAF6FDE2E5E15E5
      SHA-1: 2FF1FE9156D15C32B779D9FD2257ABA3A5563C85

      CRC32: BFB8DEB9
      MD5: 53481C324C1CA9DB8788C63D2397407E
      SHA-1: CE21BF1C08EC1AC48EBB4988A8602C7813034EA3

      Year of manufacture: 2016
      OS: Windows® 8 / 8.1 / 10 (only 64-bit)
      Language: Russian / English
      Medicine: Included (key)
      The size: 2.36 Gb | 2.12 Gb

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      SystemVue 2013 Build 08 64Bit 171123

      SystemVue 2013 Build 08 64Bit | 1.34 GB
      SystemVue is a focused electronic design automation (EDA) environment for electronic system-level (ESL) design. It enables system architects and algorithm developers to innovate the physical layer (PHY) of wireless and aerospace/defense communications systems and provides unique value to RF, DSP, and FPGA/ASIC implementers.

      As a dedicated platform for ESL design and signal processing realization, SystemVue replaces general-purpose digital, analog, and math environments. SystemVue "speaks RF", cuts PHY development and verification time in half, and connects to your mainstream EDA flow.
      Key Benefits of SystemVue
      Best-in-class RF fidelity among todays baseband/PHY environments allows baseband designers to virtualize the RF and eliminate excess margin
      Superior integration with Test accelerates real-world maturity and streamlines your model-based design flow, from Architectures to Verification
      Priced for networked workgroups to maximize design re-use and capitalize on Baseband & RF synergies

      Buy a premium to download file with fast speed
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    • Por anhxxx
      BELOFF Office 2017 (x86 / x64) ENG

      BELOFF Office 2017 (x86 / x64) ENG|7.8Gb
      indows operating systems. The compendium has additionally added portable applications that can be easily used both from disk and virtual drive, and from USB-drives, including installation of MInstAll. For greater ease of use of the collection, a multiboot menu is added.

      Automatic installation of programs:
      • Microsoft Office 2003:
      Microsoft Office 2003 SP3 Professional + File Format Converters 11.0.8173.0
      Microsoft Office 2003 Components
      Microsoft Office 2003 Word + Excel
      Microsoft Office 2003 Word + Excel + PowerPoint
      Microsoft Office 2003 Word + Excel + PowerPoint + Publisher
      Microsoft Office 2003 Word + Excel + Access
      Microsoft Office 2003 Word + Excel + PPoint + Access
      Updates MS Office 2003 Pre SP4

      • Microsoft Office 2007:
      Microsoft Office 2007 SP3 Enterprise 12.0.6741.5000
      Microsoft Office 2007 Components
      Microsoft Office 2007 Word + Excel
      Microsoft Office 2007 Word + Excel + PowerPoint
      Microsoft Office 2007 Word + Excel + PowerPoint + Publisher
      Microsoft Office 2007 Word + Excel + Access
      Microsoft Office 2007 Word + Excel + PowerPoint + Access
      Updates MS Office 2007 SP3

      • Microsoft Office 2010:
      Microsoft Office 2010 SP2 Professional Plus VL 14.0.7165.5000
      Microsoft Office 2010 Components
      Microsoft Office 2010 Word + Excel
      Microsoft Office 2010 Word + Excel + PowerPoint
      Microsoft Office 2010 Word + Excel + PowerPoint + Publisher
      Microsoft Office 2010 Word + Excel + Access
      Microsoft Office 2010 Word + Excel + Outlook
      Microsoft Office 2010 Word + Excel + PowerPoint + Outlook
      Microsoft Visio Premium 2010
      Microsoft Project Professional 2010
      Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2010
      Microsoft Visio + Project + SharePoint Designer 2010
      Updates MS Office 2010 SP2

      • Microsoft Office 2013:
      Microsoft Office 2013 SP1 Professional Plus VL 15.0.4787.1002
      Microsoft Office 2013 Components
      Microsoft Office 2013 Word + Excel
      Microsoft Office 2013 Word + Excel + PowerPoint
      Microsoft Office 2013 Word + Excel + PowerPoint + Publisher
      Microsoft Office 2013 Word + Excel + Access
      Microsoft Office 2013 Word + Excel + Outlook
      Microsoft Office 2013 Word + Excel + PowerPoint + Outlook

      • Microsoft Office 2016:
      Microsoft Office 2016 Professional Plus VL 16.0.4312.1000
      Microsoft Office 2016 Components
      Microsoft Office 2016 Word + Excel
      Microsoft Office 2016 Word + Excel + PowerPoint
      Microsoft Office 2016 Word + Excel + PowerPoint + Publisher
      Microsoft Office 2016 Word + Excel + Access
      Microsoft Office 2016 Word + Excel + Outlook
      Microsoft Office 2016 Word + Excel + PowerPoint + Outlook
      Microsoft Visio Professional 2016
      Microsoft Project Professional 2016
      Microsoft Visio + Project Professional 2016

      • Text | Transfer:
      AkelPad 4.9.8
      Notepad ++ 7.5.1
      QTranslate 6.4.0
      ABBYY FineReader Corporate
      ABBYY FineReader Professional

      • Office | Learning:
      Microsoft Office Picture Manager 2010 14.0.4750.1000
      Photo Album and Movie Studio Windows Live 16.4.3528.331
      Classic Menu for Office 2010, 2013 and 2016 9.25
      Office Tab Enterprise 11.00
      UBitMenu 1.04
      Adobe Reader XI 11.0.22
      Adobe Acrobat Reader DC 2017.012.20098
      SoftMaker Office 2016 Professional 766.0331
      EssentialPIM Pro 7.54
      FinePrint 9.18
      pdfFactory Pro 6.18
      AlReader 2.5.110502
      Cool Reader 3.3.61
      Foxit Reader
      ICE Book Reader Professional 9.6.1
      Infix PDF Editor Professional 7.1.9
      PDF-XChange Viewer Pro 2.5.322.7
      Punto Switcher
      priPrinter Professional
      Scanitto Pro 3.18
      SMath Studio 0.98.6356
      STDU Viewer 1.6.375
      Sumatra PDF 3.1.2
      VueScan 9.5.86
      WinDjView 2.1
      Loving the Answer

      • Archiving | Unpacking:
      7-Zip 17.01
      WinRAR 5.50
      Universal Extractor
      Universal Extractor

      Portable programs and the usual installation:
      • Microsoft [Portable]:
      KMS Tools 09/22/2017
      KMSAuto Helper 1.1.5
      AAct 3.6
      KMSAuto Net 1.5.1
      KMS Cleaner 1.5
      Destroy Windows 10 Spying 1.6.722
      Dism ++ 10.1.1000.31
      Microsoft Office 2013-2016 C2R Install 6.0.0
      Microsoft Windows and Office ISO Download Tool 5.21
      O & O ShutUp10 1.5.1390
      Windows Key Changer 1.1

      • Updates | Components [Install]:
      .NET Framework 3.5 Offline Installer for Windows 10 3.5

      • Anti-virus software [Install]:

      • Anti-virus software [Portable]:
      COMSS Advisor 3.0.2465.0
      VirusTotal 2.0
      Kaspersky Reset Trial
      SmartFix Tool 1.4.19
      SmartFix Downloader 7.0

      • [Install] programs:
      IP-TV Player
      IP-TV Playlists

      • Programs [Portable]:
      NoNaMe Club Search Engine

      • Information | Service | Diagnostics [Portable]:
      Universal Silent Switch Finder
      Silent Key Finder
      .NET Version Detector 17.1
      AIDA64 Business 5.92.4300
      AnVir Task Manager 9.0.1
      Auslogics BoostSpeed
      Auto PowerOFF 6.3
      Autoruns 13.80
      Beyond Compare
      CCleaner Business 5.35.6210
      CPU-Z 1.80.2
      GPU-Z 2.4.0
      H2testw 1.4
      HWMonitor 1.31
      Mem Reduct 3.2.2
      NewFileTime 2.92
      Razblocker 1.5.4
      Reg Organizer 8.0
      Registry Workshop 5.0.0
      Run-Command 2.77
      Scanner 2.13
      SP TimeSync 2.4
      SIV (System Information Viewer) 5.22
      SSD Mini Tweaker 2.7
      SSD Mini Tweaker XP 1.3

      • Removal | Unpacking [Portable]:
      7z SFX Constructor 3.5
      Revo Uninstaller Pro 3.1.9
      Uninstall Tool
      WinRAR 5.50

      • Radio - TV | Audio - Video [Portable]:
      1by1 1.90
      mp3DirectCut 2.23
      Radio Plus 16.0

      • View - Reading | Translation [Portable]:
      AkelPad 4.9.8
      FastStone Capture 8.6
      FastStone Image Viewer 6.4
      QTranslate 6.4.0
      SumatraPDF 3.1.2
      Loving the Answer

      • Download | Download [Portable]:
      Download Master
      Image Uploader
      uTorrent Cleaner

      • DVD - ISO | USB [Portable]:
      Grub4Dos 1.1
      HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool 2.2.3
      MobaLiveCD 2.1
      Nero Burning ROM 12.0.20000
      Nero Express 12.0.20000
      Rufus 2.17.1198
      Symantec Ghost Explorer
      USBboot Installer ++ 1.9
      WinCDEmu 4.0

      • Games | Entertainment [Portable]:
      Koloboks 1.0

      • Directories (Old):
      Tips for Windows 7 5.95
      Encyclopedia of computer interfaces 25.11.2005
      Iron PC [Hardware]. People's Councils 07.2011
      Windows registry 06.2012
      Internet Technology Reference 01.2013
      MS Office. People's Councils
      Photoshop. People's Councils 07.2011
      Automatic installation of Windows 9.6.14
      Tviki Registry 1.9
      Windows 1.1 Command Reference
      BSOD 1.1 Help
      The NSIS 1.5 Handbook
      Instruction on MInstAll

      • Directories:
      Windows 10. The newest self-tutorial 2015
      Microsoft Office 2016. The newest self-tutorial 2015

      • Multi-boot:
      SmartFix 1.4.19 WinXP PE
      SmartFix 1.4.19 Win8 PE
      Acronis Disk Director 12.0.3270 + Acronis True Image (Acronis 2017)
      ASTRA 5.52
      GoldMemory 7.85 Pro
      Memtest86 + 5.01
      Memtest86 7.4 / 4.3.7
      MHDD 4.6
      HDAT2 5.1
      Victoria 3.52.3
      Kon-Boot 2.5
      Passware Kit 12.3
      Active Password Changer 5.0 Pro
      Volkov Commander (NTFS +)
      HDD Regenerator 2011
      System requirements:
      Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 x86-x64

      MD5: F145E8AF0375A04C7F614625D3F882F6
      SHA-1: 56FDCD211C58A0BAF9ECC9F60DD4D15DF5D8F3BD

      Year of manufacture: 2017
      Assembly Author: BELOFF
      Software version: 2017
      Language: English
      Treatment: Not required
      Size: 7.85 GB