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Windows 7 Ultimate Sp1 (x86) En-US ESD USB3.0 April 2018

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  Windows 7 Ultimate Sp1 (x86) En-US ESD USB3.0 April 2018-TEAM OS  | Size 2.04 GB

Release Date : April 2018
Languages : English - United States
Setup Type : Bootable ISO


Name : Windows 7 Ultimate Sp1 (x86) En-US ESD USB3.0 April 2018-TEAM OS
Size Iso : 2.18 GB
Checksums :
SHA-1: 6e2aa8d85e95e4b040b04cbfcedc4f838ec3ff83
MD5: dd9b0baab171b34fdc436c9387efc3b0
CRC32: 92ead014


General Info:-
Activation : Windows Contain Activate Automatically  ( if not activated after install then use the activator in the desktop folder)
Updates:- Included all new updates of April 2018
Author :- Team OS
Added/Removed:- Nothing , its a Complete iso with all new Updates of April 2018
* Including Microsoft updates till 10.04.2018 and Internet Explorer 11
* NO tweaks or add-ons.
* NO additional programs and software added.
* NO graphics, scripts and wallpapers added or changed.
* It's the original image from Microsoft except added updates and IE11!
Note:- dotnet 4.7.1 is pre-installed no need to install it again


How To Use
1 - Create bootable USB (highly recommended) with Rufus,
2 - Burn To DVD



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      • English, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, and Russian locale

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      Por favor ingresa o regístrate para ver este contenido ¡Sólo te toma 30 segundos!

      Download From UploadGig

      Por favor ingresa o regístrate para ver este contenido ¡Sólo te toma 30 segundos!

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      Intelligent Color Correction (NEW!)
      Color Match intelligently analyzes your video footage and adjusts lighting, saturation, and color variables to achieve a consistent look across an entire clip. It's perfect for video shot in areas of varying light or video taken from multiple cameras.

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      Total 360º Video Editing
      PowerDirector makes it easy to create spectacular 360º videos using the same intuitive design tools you know and love. It's a whole new perspective on movie making.

      Total 360º Video Editing
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      Seamlessly apply and add titles to your 360º videos to appear without distortions. PowerDirector's powerful 360-rendering engine means titles you apply will look natural.

      View Designer
      View Designer is a unique PowerDirector innovation that enables you to use 360-degree video footage in standard video projects. It's like you've filmed a scene with multiple cameras from multiple angles.

      Action Camera Center
      - PowerDirector's Action Camera Center is a toolkit for every extreme video maker.
      - Motion Tracking
      - Create stop-motion video
      - Add zoom and pan effects
      - Stabilize video
      - Correct fish-eye distortion
      - Apply slow motion
      - Freeze frame, zoom, or 'rock-and-roll' your video
      - Correct color problems

      360º Video Stabilization (NEW!)
      Introducing the world's first consumer-level 360º video stabilization. Fix shaky 360º footage instantly and enjoy smooth, flowing video from any angle.

      Creative Video Blending
      Video Blending lets you merge clips on different timeline tracks to create a huge array of eye-catching effects that will bring unique impact to your videos.

      Produce Vertical Video
      PowerDirector has a design mode that lets you upload mobile video for YouTube, Facebook and Vimeo by removing letterboxing.Release Notes:- Adds support for the CyberLink AI Style plugin that turns your videos into artwork.
      - Improves the program stability when using MultiCam Designer.
      - Improves the program stability when producing 9:16 video.
      - Improves the program stability when producing 3D video.
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      Smart completion
      Ctrl+Shift+Space gives you a list of the most relevant symbols applicable in the current context. This and other completions are constantly learning from you, moving the members of the most frequently used classes and packages to the top of the suggestions list, so you can select them faster.

      Chain completion
      Digs a tad deeper than Smart Completion and lists applicable symbols accessible via methods or getters in the current context. Say you're looking for a value of Project and only have the Module module declaration. Press Ctrl+Shift+Space twice to get module.getProject() without any additional effort.

      Static members completion
      Lets you easily use static methods or constants. Offers a list of symbols matching your input and automatically adds required import statements.

      Data flow analysis
      When offering completion variants, IntelliJ IDEA analyses data flow to guess the possible runtime symbol type and refines choices based on that intel, automatically adding class casts.

      Language injection
      Brings coding assistance for a selected language to expressions and string literals in another one, complete with all advantages you would normally have. For example, you can inject fragments of SQL, XPath, HTML, CSS, or JavaScript code into Java String literals.

      Cross-language refactorings
      Knowing everything about usages of a symbol, IntelliJ IDEA offers extremely effective, thorough refactorings. For example, when you Rename a class within a JPA statement, it will update everything, from JPA entity class, to every JPA expression where it is used.

      Detecting duplicates
      Finds duplicate code fragments on the fly. Even if you're only about to extract a variable, constant, or a method, IntelliJ IDEA will let you know that there is a similar code fragment that can be replaced along with the one you're woking on.

      Inspections and quick-fixes
      Whenever IntelliJ IDEA detects that you're about to make a mistake, a little lightbulb pops up in the editor. Clicking it or pressing Alt+Enter opens a list of actions you can take to make things right.

      Developer ergonomics
      Every aspect of IntelliJ IDEA is designed with ergonomics in mind. IntelliJ IDEA is built on a principle that every minute a developer spends in the flow is a good minute, and things that break developers out of that flow are bad and should be avoided.

      Built-in developer tools
      To streamline your workflow, IntelliJ IDEA offers an unbeatable toolset right from the first start: decompiler, bytecode viewer, FTP and many more.

      Polyglot experience
      In addition to Java, IntelliJ IDEA offer/s first-class support for top JVM and non-JVM frameworks and languages out of the box.

      Whats New
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      Download From Rapidgator

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