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Adam Ackerman, John Galley - Crowdfunding Cash System

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Adam Ackerman, John Galley - Crowdfunding Cash System
English | MP4 | 6.2 GB
Genre: Net Business / Marketing / Traffic
For the First Time Ever, John and I will Teach a Very Select Group of People Exactly what we do, to ABSOLUTLEY CRUSH IT Leveraging the Power of Crowdfunding.

Because we are going to be giving each one of you everything we've got, it's critical you JOIN RIGHT NOW to secure your spot in what will be a "Life Changing Experience".
On Thursday February 22nd at 11:59PM PST we will NO LONGER be accepting any new members into the Crowdfunding Cash System and Community. This will likely be your only chance to take advantage of this AMAZING OPPORTUNITY.

With over 5,000 new Crowdfunding Campaigns going live each month this 30 billion dollar startup industry is single-handedly transforming how business is done. More and more entrepreneurs are utilizing the power of the crowd to fund their business instead of taking on large debt to cover startup costs.

One reason people don't really consider crowdfunding as an option to start and grow their business is because they just don't know enough about it.

This is where John and I come in. Collectively we have generated millions of dollars using OUR PROVEN SYSYEM and now we are going teach it to you.

Fortunately for you, the opportunity to generate what I call "right now money" and build a real, long-term, profitable business leveraging the power of Crowdfunding has never been bigger. In my opinion, it's easier and faster to build a great business starting with Crowdfunding than at any time in history.

Our campaigns are consistently in the TOP 1% of all crowdfunding Campaigns worldwide. So rest assured the information we are teaching you is the very best available.

Whatever Objections you might have about joining our Crowdfunding Cash System Leave them at the door!

We know that starting anything new can be a bit intimidating and the reason people FREEZE and don't take action is because they are scared or cannot see themselves doing what is being taught.

We get asked all the time:

What if I don't have a product to sell?
What if I've never sold anything online before!
How do I make a prototype?
How do I make a video?
TRUST ME, I GET IT! I had the same fears and thoughts when I first got started as well, but I didn't have two of the best mentors coaching and training me like you will.

We know that these are the main sticking points in peoples mind, so we made sure we take extra time to cover these topics in GREAT DETAIL in the trainings we share with you.

By the time you have completed the 8 week online web class, you will have a product to sell, a prototype in hand, a campaign video completed and have either already launched or are getting ready to launch your first campaign. We are so confident you will see amazing results that we actually GUARANTEE IT!
What's Included in the Crowdfunding Cash System?
CFC Contains 5 Powerful Components:
The 8-Week Online Web Class
Advanced Facebook Kickstarter Ranking Strategy
Lifetime Access to the Private and Exclusive Community
The Private Black Book of Resources
8 Weekly Coaching and Accountability Calls
Each one of these components is designed to help you build your life-changing business faster. We are here to make sure you and your business are successful with CFC. Each one of these components is critical to the process of building your business.

Component 1 of 5
The 8-Week Online Web Class
The 8-Week Web Class is designed to teach people from all around the world (most with little to no prior business experience) how to build a THRIVING business launching a new brand and product using crowdfunding. Things are constantly changing and improving with crowdfunding and we're always staying on top of the newest, hottest opportunities available. There are new strategies that nobody knows about that are all included in the 8-Week Web Class to get you BIGGER and FASTER results than ever before! It includes the most up-to-date strategies, tactics, and insights for building this business as quickly as possible, so you're able to achieve the level of FREEDOM in your life you've always wanted!

Additionally, we've brought on two VERY SPECIAL people to guide you through your journey in the Online Web Class.

We have asked both our manufacturing partner and 3rd party logistics partner to join us in our coaching and training calls to share strategic insights to help you eliminate the learning curve so you can make money faster and more efficiently than if you tried to do this on your own.

My manufacturing partner currently supplies products to HomeGoods, HomeDepot, Multi-million dollar amazon sellers, not to mention hundreds of other sellers globally. Imagine working with someone like this who can expedite the process of sourcing and manufacturing your products all while ensuring quality control and even helping with shipping.

Our fulfillment team has handled millions of physical product orders and specializes in crowdfunding campaigns so they know exactly how to step in and help automate your business once the campaign ends.

You will not find this with any other system.
Our partners are so excited to be helping you achieve true freedom with this program that they're going to be guiding you through the 8-Week Web Class.

You not only get access to the world's greatest training on building a business leveraging the power of crowdfunding, you ALSO get access to the top product manufacturer and fulfillment specialists in the world to help increase your chances of being incredibly successful.

As soon as you get inside, you get access to the Welcome Module which gives you an overview of how this program works. It outlines for you a few steps to get started building your business immediately and introduces you to the private community of members.

Module 1 walks you through:
Which crowdfunding marketplace to start with

How to get setup to sell on Kickstarter and Indiegogo

The exact process we use to identify, validate and choose RED HOT product opportunities

Products to absolutely AVOID

How to create your HOT product opportunity list

How to make your product unique

And how to select your final product so that you can launch for your first crowdfunding campaign

Next, in Module 2, you'll discover:
Our Simple Two Step Sourcing System
Finding and contacting suppliers like a pro

How to Select the right Manufacturing Partner

How to create 3d renderings of your product

Creating your First prototype

What to do once your prototype arrives

Learn to calculate How much Profit you make from every sale

In Module 3, you'll learn:
How to develop a killer Brand Name

Trademarks and Patents - Protecting your Intellectual Property Simplified

Pre-launch Activities Checklist

Building your launch list for when your campaign goes live

Influencer Outreach on Auto-pilot

Crafting email copy that sells

Next in Module 4:
You'll discover the six figure video blueprint - Deep dive

How to write a compelling video script - easier than you think

Tips and tricks for video production - low cost high quality

Top 5 pitfalls to avoid when making your video

Top 3 Video hacks every backer loves to see

In Module 5, we show you:
How to create High Converting campaign pages

How to write a traffic-grabbing product title

How to properly highlight Product Benefits and Features

Creating stunning product images that bring your product to life

Pricing your products to sell for High Margins

Next in Module 6 :
We review our campaign Launch Day Checklist

Free Traffic strategies that drive a ton of sale - like the Influencer, Public Relations, Press Release and Blogger traffic blitz system

Cross Promotion formula 2.0

Backer Groups - what they are and what they do.

Affiliate Programs to increase Campaign reach and pledges.

Our Facebook Ranking System to drive sales and traffic

and how to Finish strong the last 7 days of the campaign to Maximize profits

In Module 7 we teach you all about:
Post Campaign activities checklist

Backer Care and Support Services

The Importance of being and remaining engaged with Backers

Placing your initial inventory order

How to create raving fans and brand ambassadors

How to keep pledges coming in even after the campaign ends

How to get accepted into the Indiegogo Indemand program

Lastly, in the final module of the web class, Module 8 , you learn how to:
Prepare for Campaign Fulfillment

How to properly select and choose the right fulfillment partner

How to select a freight forwarder

Handling backer expectations and timelines

Strategies and steps to continue to scale your business

Getting ready for your next campaign

And so much more..


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      The system modularity allows clients to choose a variant best meeting their requirements for an information system. Thus especially small businesses (individual users) can find advantageous categories and packages that can serve as a basis for future extension depending on the growth of their business. The high level of universality and comprehensiveness predetermine that the program is applicable in any branch of business.
      By choosing the PREMIER system® software you choose reliability, high-quality performance, immediate availability of information, and – first and foremost – general growth of your business. The quality implementation and development are based on the Company’s ISO 9001 certification.
      Over 10 year PREMIER system® has worked its way up to the head of software products for small and medium sized businesses
      With its portfolio of almost 1650 clients (approx. 8-9 thousand licenses) PREMIER system® belongs to those which rank among most widespread software products in the Czech Republic
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      Quality comes through the customers’ satisfaction – references.
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      Easy installation carries minimum implementation costs Easy administration of the program incl. remote administration Stable running does not require constant maintenance Branch office data on-line processing using the terminal server Growth in clients in 1999-2005 FLEXIBILITY, MODIFICATIONS AND CUSTOM-TAILORED ADAPTATIONS The pillar of the PREMIER system® success is the know-how and professional approach to needs of the large client portfolio. From its very outset, the Company’s priority is the client-centred and individual approach and flexible response to the client’s requests, suggestions, and changes in its working processes. The system openness enables fast implementation of changes, incl. automatic update over the Internet. The system offers a variety of tools to accommodate user’s needs: creation of view modes and view gallery, definable and unlimited number of output reports, automatic generation of printout reports according to defined view modes, user preferences, and a sophisticated system of access rights. The product features fast and easy adaptability to legislative changes, development, and client’s needs.
      OTHER ADVANTAGES OF Premier System
      Perfect linkage between all modules integrated into one compact structure, mutual check between agendas, special linkage between related documents Up-to-date user environment concept and ergonomy Compatible with Microsoft Office (Word, Excel) Advantageous price compared to those of competitors‘ in the same category of software; the best price-performance ratio Non-conventional process procedures – ergonomic and graphic excellence Above-standard features and a wide variety of expansion modules – products Exports to external formats: *.doc, *.pdf, *.html, *. jpg, and *. xml Open solutions – two-way homebanking (all banks in the Czech Republic, factoring, EDI format) Independent of one operating system – Microsoft, Linux, Novell Inbuilt database – no need to buy a database machine Reliable performance in network configuration, easy to interconnect with remote branch offices, terminal server  
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      06. King Arthur, Z. 628, Act 1: "Brave souls, to be renown'd in story" (Chorus)
      07. King Arthur, Z. 628, Act 1: "I call you all to Woden's Hall" (Countertenor, Chorus)
      08. King Arthur, Z. 628, Act 1: "Come if you dare" (Tenor, Chorus)
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      10. King Arthur, Z. 628, Act 2: "Let not a moonborn elf mislead ye" (Grimbald)
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      18. King Arthur, Z. 628, Act 3: "What power art thou" (Cold Genius)
      19. King Arthur, Z. 628, Act 3: "Thou doting fool, forbear, forbear!" (Cupid)
      20. King Arthur, Z. 628, Act 3: "Great Love, I know thee now" (Cold Genius)
      21. King Arthur, Z. 628, Act 3: "No part of my dominion shall be waste" (Cupid)
      22. King Arthur, Z. 628, Act 3: "See, see, we assemble" (Chorus)
      23. King Arthur, Z. 628, Act 3: 'Tis I that have warm'd ye ... 'Tis Love that has warm'd us" (Cupid, Chorus)
      24. King Arthur, Z. 628, Act 3: "Sound a parley, ye fair, and surrender" (Cupid, Cold Genius, Chorus)
      25. King Arthur, Z. 628, Act 3: Hornpipe
      26. King Arthur, Z. 628, Act 4: "Two daughters of this aged stream are we" (Sirens)
      27. King Arthur, Z. 628, Act 4: "How happy the lover ... For love ev'ry creature" (Nymphs, Men, Chorus)
      28. King Arthur, Z. 628, Act 4: Air
      29. King Arthur, Z. 628, Act 5: Trumpet tune No. 1
      30. King Arthur, Z. 628, Act 5: "Ye blust'ring brethren of the skies" (Aeolus)
      31. King Arthur, Z. 628, Act 5: Symphony
      32. King Arthur, Z. 628, Act 5: "Round thy coast, fair nymph of Britain" (Nereid, Pan, Chorus)
      33. King Arthur, Z. 628, Act 5: "For folded flocks, and fruitful plains" (Countertenor, Tenor, Baritone)
      34. King Arthur, Z. 628, Act 5: "Your hay it is mow'd" (Comus, Men)
      35. King Arthur, Z. 628, Act 5: "Fairest isle" (Venus)
      36. King Arthur, Z. 628, Act 5: "You say 'tis Love" (She, He)
      37. King Arthur, Z. 628, Act 5: Trumpet tune No. 2
      38. King Arthur, Z. 628, Act 5: "St George the patron of our isle! ... Our natives not alone appear" (Honour, Chorus)
      39. King Arthur, Z. 628, Act 5: Chaconne
      With its lavish music and elaborate staging, the semi-opera King Arthur is one of the masterpieces in Purcell's works. On a text by the poet John Dryden very freely inspired from Arthurian legend and specifically devised for him, Purcell created a work of great expressive intensity which includes among his most beautiful and well-known arias.